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See the photo on the right, it is a mud circulation system with mud gas separator, in oil drilling solids control system, the 1st phase cleaning equipments of mud circulation system is shale shaker, which is fed the mud from high pressure manifold, the mud gas separator is fed mud from the chock manifold. When much of harmful gas is found during drilling, they close the valve to stop feeding the shale shaker, and open the valve to feed to mud gas separator, and use hundreds of exhaust pipe to transfer the harmful gas from mud gas separator to a place far from well head, and use flare ignition device to burn it. Mud gas separator is not a part of solids control system, GN can manufacture both of them, so we put them together for your convenience.

Mud circulation system with mud gas separator

Mud circulation system with mud gas separator

Mud circulation system is also called mud cleaning system, mud recycling system, solids control system, Usually if a mud circulation system with mud gas separator, it is usually oil & gas drilling or geothermal, it can not be HDD or water well drilling. Mud gas separator is horizontally installed on the skid with the chock manifold on it together, it is easy for transportation.

GN design and manufactured mud circulation system for the rig from 350HP to 2000HP, both for drilling rig and workover rig for land drill. The design including layout drawing, equipments specification, mud tank volume and storage, flow process drawing and various pipeline drawings. We also accept that for some far regions, GN provide production drawing of the mud circulation system or provide installation drawing of equipments, and clients make the mud tank in local company to save freight charge, GN provide all the necessary equipments.

GN has own designed standard mud circulation system with mud gas separator(also with chock manifold) proposal, welcome to inquiry us.


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