Mining exploration drilling mud separation equipments

Mining exploration is the process of finding ore to mine. Mining exploration methods vary at different stages of the process depending on size of the area being explored, as well as the density and type of information sought.

Diamond drilling is a kind of mining exploration drilling, used in the mining industry to probe the contents of known ore deposits and potential sites. Early diamond drilling opened up many new areas for mining, and was related to a boom in mining exploration in remote locations. Before the invention of the portable diamond drill, most mineral prospecting was limited to finding outcrops at the surface and hand digging.

drilling mud separation equipments

drilling mud separation equipments


At the 1st stage of mining exploration, sometimes you only drill a small hole like 100~150mm, not so deep. Because of strict regulation of environment protection, you will have to process the drilling mud flowed from the hole. GN solids control can provide a proper solution for your drilling effluents.

GN mini shale shaker GNZS752 is a good solution for such small treating capacity drilling, its nominal treating capacity is 35m3/h at API60 mesh screen. If you need 10~15m3/h process rate, you can use API100 mesh screen. They can perfectly meet your requirement. You do not need a hydrocyclone because the treating capacity is too small, fine mesh screen can finish the job of hydrocyclone.

After processed by shale shaker, if you still want to separate small solids from the fluids, GLW360x1250N decanter centrifuge with 15~20m3/h rate is your best choice. The above data will vary from different fluids density and viscosity and solids content.

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