Liquid Solid Separation Equipments

For separating solids from liquid ,Basicly ,processes used for the separation of suspended solids from a liquid media:

  • Sedimentation
  • Filtration
  • Centrifugation

Sedimentation Equipments(Silting mud tank), allows solid particles, which are heavier than the liquid media, to separate and sink to the bottom of a container under the influence of gravity.In drilling mud solids and fluids separation,we usually use silting tank bogether with need equipments to separate solids from drilling fluids.

Filtration equipments( Shale Shaker) incorporates the use of a filter media by virtue of its degree of porosity and regulates what may pass through it. Since the filter media collects suspended solids, the material progressively builds up and will eventually impair performance and require removal, cleaning, and / or replacement.In the solids control system,there are three equipments use this way,Shale shaker,mud cleaner,and the desilter desander.

Multiply the power of gravitational force by more than 2,000 times.

Centrifugation Equipments (Decanter centrifuge) is a highly accelerated form of sedimentation. This rapid form of sedimentation is attained by introducing centrifugal force to the liquid / solid media generating a force that can be over 2.000 times more powerful than gravity itself. This method is fast and eliminates the need for filter media. GN decanter Centrifuge’s complete range of liquid / solid separating centrifuges are designed to separate suspended solids heavier than the liquid media without the use of consumable filter media.

We are a China manufacturer of Liquid  Solid Separation Equipments

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