Sep 28

Today,one of GN Solids Control Sales discussed with one of our customer about improving GN Drilling mud solids control technology,including :shale shaker,mud cleaner,shaker screen.

GN Solids Control management is very interesting in cooperating with this customer,even In OEM manufacture way.Technology is always the key to break the market and maintain good performance for drilling fluids solids control equipment.

[15:37:47] Manufacturer: Engineer/Distributor,I discussed with our management about you,and

your companies’s interest in cooperating with us

[15:38:04] Manufacturer: They are very glad to hear that

[15:38:22] Manufacturer: And welcome you to visit us

[15:38:48] Manufacturer: Now as I told you,we are planing to make screens in our own factory soon

[15:39:06] Manufacturer: We need to know the weakness of Chinese screens

[15:39:14] Manufacturer: So we need your help

[15:39:51] Distributor: if you help me i will help you to improve it

[15:39:57] Manufacturer: Great

[15:40:00] Manufacturer: Win-win

[15:40:26] Distributor: I’ve studyed in Texas USA on Solids Control Engineering system

[15:40:48] Manufacturer: Great

[15:41:23] Distributor: also it depends for how much you r going to sell them

[15:42:16] Manufacturer: Why chinese screens have competive price is because their workforce and raw material are both cheap

[15:42:24] Manufacturer: relatively

[15:45:37] Distributor: do you know that for getting a high quality products you need to sacrifice with a time and money

[15:46:00] Manufacturer: Agree

[15:47:15] Manufacturer: Besides the two factorys,workforce,and material,Technology and management are the core for making competitive price but high quality products

[15:47:26] Manufacturer: two factors

[15:48:22] Manufacturer: Now,we have the first two,and going to improve the

management,and need your help in technology and we are also planing to cooperate with professors in China

[15:49:13] Manufacturer: You know,many world famous brands have their products OEM in China

[15:49:58] Distributor: this what i wanted to say

[15:50:59] Distributor: if we get a positive agreement in cooperation the products manufacture location must be hide

[15:51:18] Distributor: and i do not know how big is your factory

[15:52:21] Manufacturer: Presently,we manufacture all the equipments for solids control,if we agree,we now have a place near us to enlarge for other products manufacture

[15:52:33] Manufacturer: We have the investment

[15:55:25] Manufacturer: used about 6000m³,and ready for use 6000m³

[15:55:55] Manufacturer: our factory

[15:56:39] Distributor: we can work togather under 50/50 conditions

[15:56:47] Distributor: is it ok for you

[15:57:14] Distributor: if yes i can come and push your biz forward

[15:57:33] Manufacturer: Let me confirm,just a moment

[15:57:58] Manufacturer: You mean the benifits 50/50 conditions?

[15:58:22] Distributor: yes

[15:58:41] Manufacturer: Just confirm,Good if you help us in technology

[15:59:04] Distributor: i will help you 100%

[15:59:12] Manufacturer: Great

[15:59:30] Manufacturer: And not only the screens,we can also cooperate in equipments

[16:00:13] Distributor: i will improve your equipment tech and performance complyence in double

[16:00:24] Manufacturer: Great,very glad to hear that

[16:01:20] Distributor: you still have a weak points in you shakers, mud cleaners

[16:01:49] Manufacturer: We really need to improve our technology

[16:02:50] Distributor: we can do the same shakers

[16:03:30] Distributor: mud cleaners are very weak and also must be improved

[16:03:43] Manufacturer: If you can do it like that,there are also a huge market here In China without saying other international markets

[16:04:16] Manufacturer: You know even the Chinese them selves believe in foreign products

[16:04:34] Distributor: we also can produce Gambo and Scalpers

[16:05:26] Distributor: this system designed to make shakers life easier

[16:07:41] Distributor: when chinese shale shaker  screen sellers says that duration of the screens depends on the formation and kind of formation is drilling out – i say – THIS IS RIDICULOUS

[16:08:36] Manufacturer: Go ahead,listening

[16:08:42] Distributor: a good quality screens doesn’t depend on formation –

it depends on good tech in production of the screen

[16:09:36] Distributor: a real screen suppose to screen all formation

[16:09:55] Manufacturer: the glue is important,right?

[16:10:33] Distributor: there to many important factors

[16:11:24] Distributor: the shale shaker design is also impact on durability of the screen

[16:11:46] Manufacturer: Really need tech to improve our drilling mud solids control tech

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4 Responses to “Improving drilling mud solids control tech”

  1. 1. Funny Joke Says:

    I have to say that two layman are talking about the so called professional after I checked the conversation between the Manufacturer and the Distributor. The distributor is indeed ridiculous when he said the Formation (I think maybe he meant the sand bed) won’t affect the screen life.
    The manufacturer, can you say something else except “Great or Good”? Can you please change your old eyes? Not all Chinese goods have bad reputation, do you agree? The bad quality just because the client doesn’t want to pay enough money according to their real value.
    I can’t believe that you disparage your guyes like that.

  2. 2. jou Says:

    i need explain a bout the solids control equpment plz

  3. 3. KENNETH BENARD Says:

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  4. 4. KENNETH BENARD Says:

    I have worked in solid control and like it and im good at it

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