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GN new products hi-G dryer GNZS85-3 is designed to replace the old model hi-G dryer GNZS63-4. GN Hi-G dryer shaker is with long shaker deck big capacity which is used for waste management to treat the drilling cuttings from the primary solids control equipments, like shale shaker, desander, desilter to dry the solids for transportation, and make the fluids easier for future treatment. To know more info of primary solids control equipments, pls check GN website.

GN hi-G dryer

GN hi-G dryer

What is the features of GNZS853 compared with GNZS63-4?

1 Even it is 3 –panel hi-G dryer, its screen area is larger than 4-panel hi-G dryer. The larger the screen area is, the dryer the cutting is. Total deck screen length is 2550mm, the total deck screen length of GNZS63-4 is 2520mm. Total screen area of GNZS85-3 is 3.2m2, but the total screen area of GNZS63-4 is only 3.15m2. And GNZS85-3’s screen area and total deck length is larger than Derrick 4-panle shale shaker/mud cleaner.

So 4-panel shaker is not must be better than 3-panel shaker.

2 3-panel shaker screen can enlarge the effective screen area, the waste screen area is less compared with 4 screen panel. It can improve the performance of hi-G dryer.

3 Mechanical deck adjustable while operation for reliable performance.

4 Same treating capacity 615GPM from mud 1.2g/cm3 density & viscosity 45s & API40 mesh screen

You can choose buffer box top type or buffer box back type according to your site condition .

Also GN provide fine mesh screen for the hi-G dryer with competitive price and reliable quality.


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  1. 1. Cheam Removals Says:

    That tools sounds to be interesting for the for the waste management because of its useful features, due to explanation and comparison I defiantly must say that the 3 panel shaker is better than the 4 panel shaker,

  2. 2. Charles Fridlender Says:

    We are interested in a sludge/waste dryer to dry the mud and generate heat for electrcity.
    Could you give details what your system does. We obtained your information from a oil and gas client in WA

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    Am i allowed to post your this article to my group in linkedin, if this is ok?

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    Please i need the price of this HI-G DRYER for SOLID CONTROL, and the specification

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