Drilling Gambo boxes supplier-Mud cleaner

Have you ever heard about Gambo box?

oifield drilling gambo boxes

oifield drilling gambo boxes

GN Solids Control sales representative talked with our customers about their needs on skype,and find another saying for drilling mud cleaner-Gambo box.

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Buyer:we also need a gambo boxes

Supplier:by the way,what’s gambo box?drilling mud tanks?

Buyer: no

Supplier: would you pls send a picture to me?

[2009-9-17 19:02:56] Buyer: this is just mud cleaner but for bigger drilling cutting sizes

[2009-9-17 19:03:40] Supplier: we offer customized products,we have experienced engineers,let me know more and see if we can make it

[2009-9-17 19:03:45] Buyer: derrickequipment.com

[2009-9-17 19:04:07] Supplier: We know them,off course,they are great.

[2009-9-17 19:04:28] Supplier: which product of derrick?pls send me a link

[2009-9-17 19:04:39] Buyer: ok

[2009-9-17 19:04:46] Supplier: You are just interested in purchasing from derrick?

[2009-9-17 19:04:52] Supplier: or have choices from others?

[2009-9-17 19:05:26] Buyer: we have to many offers and just compare the quality and price

[2009-9-17 19:05:39] Supplier: Great,got it

[2009-9-17 19:06:01] Buyer: how long it will take to make shale shaker sample screens?

[2009-9-17 19:06:07] Supplier: 7 days

[2009-9-17 19:06:18] Buyer: can start to produce them

[2009-9-17 19:06:38] Buyer: and i will send you money soon i get bank details?

[2009-9-17 19:06:39] Supplier: if you agree on paying airfreight in advance,we start tomorrow

[2009-9-17 19:06:48] Buyer: ok

[2009-9-17 19:06:52] Supplier: I’ll send you bank details to your Email

[2009-9-17 19:07:04] Buyer: great

[2009-9-17 19:07:35] Supplier: what about the gambo box?

[2009-9-17 19:07:52] Supplier: http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/mud-cleaner/

[2009-9-17 19:07:56] Supplier: our mud cleaner

[2009-9-17 19:08:09] Buyer: just send me quotation

[2009-9-17 19:08:23] Supplier: Quotation about our mud cleaner?

[2009-9-17 19:08:55] Buyer: yes

[2009-9-17 19:10:31] Supplier: Great,do you haveĀ  specs about the mud cleaner you need?

[2009-9-17 19:10:49] Supplier: We have customized one available

[2009-9-17 19:13:59] Supplier: Buyer,about screen samples,we still don’t know the exact weight,you pay usd 250 first,if it’s more,we pay for you,if it’s less,we account it in the formal order for you,ok?

Then we quote our customer the gambo box as well as other drilling fluids processing equipments.

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