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This system mainly consitst of 4 model.

  1. Feeding Funnel Model

The drilling cuttings will be fed to funnel first which equiped with top floor, then the cuttings will be transferred by 2 screwor to the high G shaker.

  1. High G shaker Model.

A high G shale shaker is a piece of equipment used in the oil and gas industry during the drilling process. Shale shakers are essential in the solids control system, which helps remove solids and cuttings from drilling fluids before reusing or disposing of them.

The term “high G” refers to the high gravitational forces exerted on the shale shaker screens. The shaker uses a vibrating motion to separate solids from the drilling fluid. The higher the G-force, the more efficiently it can separate the solids from the liquid, leading to better performance in the solids control process.

The design of high G shale shakers focuses on increasing the G-force applied to the material on the screen deck, allowing for more effective separation of solids and better fluid handling capabilities compared to conventional shale shakers. This enhanced efficiency is crucial in maintaining drilling fluid properties and preventing damage to drilling equipment down the line.

3.Cutting Dryer Model

A cutting dryer, also known as a centrifuge or a decanter centrifuge, is a vital component in the drilling waste management process within the oil and gas industry. Its primary function is to separate solids from the drilling fluids or cuttings that come up from the drilling process.

Here’s how it works:

Feed Entry: The drilling cuttings, which are a mixture of solids (such as rock fragments) and drilling fluid, are fed into the centrifuge.

Centrifugal Force: The centrifuge spins rapidly, generating centrifugal force. This force causes the heavier solids in the mixture to settle to the walls of the rotating drum while the lighter drilling fluid moves towards the center.

Separation: As the drum rotates, the solids are expelled from the drum due to the high G-force, and the separated drilling fluid is collected and directed out of the centrifuge.

Discharge: The separated solids are typically discharged through a separate outlet for further treatment, disposal, or reuse, while the recovered drilling fluid can be returned to the active drilling system.

Cutting dryers are crucial in solids control and waste management processes, as they efficiently separate solids from drilling fluids. This separation allows for the recovery and reuse of valuable drilling fluids while minimizing environmental impact by reducing the volume of waste that requires disposal.

  1. Discharged Cutting Convey Model

A screw conveyor is a mechanical conveying system used to move materials in various industries, including agriculture, food processing, mining, and construction. It’s a versatile and efficient way to transport materials horizontally, at an incline, or vertically.

Here’s how it generally works:

Structure: A screw conveyor consists of a helical screw blade, known as an auger, contained within a tube or trough. The screw rotates within this casing to move materials.

Material Movement: As the screw rotates, it pushes materials along the trough or tube. The design of the screw flight (the helical structure) determines the movement and handling characteristics of the conveyed material.

Types: Screw conveyors come in various types based on their application, such as shafted screw conveyors and shaftless screw conveyors. Shafted screw conveyors have a central shaft running through the length of the conveyor, while shaftless screw conveyors lack a central shaft, allowing for the handling of sticky or stringy materials.

Applications: They’re used for handling a wide range of materials, including powders, granules, sludge, grains, and more. They’re employed in industries for purposes like mixing, dosing, feeding, and conveying bulk materials.

Customization: Screw conveyors can be customized in terms of length, diameter, pitch, and material of construction to suit specific material handling needs and environmental conditions.

Screw conveyors are valued for their simplicity, reliability, and ability to move a variety of materials efficiently. They are widely used due to their cost-effectiveness and adaptability to different operational requirements across industries

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