Drilling rotary hose-Kill hose and choke hoses

We supply drilling rotary hose according to API SEC 7K,and Kill hose and choke line hoses according to:API Spec. 16C / SY/T 5323-2003 standard.As a drilling mud system China manufacturer,many clients inquire us for drilling rotary hoses,Bumper hoses,Coflexip hoses,Chiksen etc.
API Spec. 7K drilling rotary hoses:
Drilling rotary hose, made according to API Spec. 7K standard, appliesfor flexible hose connection between the top of oil drilling stand pipe

drilling rotary hose

drilling rotary hose

and vertical moved swivel joint in well drilling, well cementing,work-over and down hole servicing operation, and also for adjusting the installation mistake between drilling pipe line and stand pipe to avoidshake. Rotary drilling hoses are another of our very popular products we offer, These hoses sometimes referd to as Kelly Hoseare used on the drilling rig and are large bore I.D high pressure flexible rubber steel lines used to connect the swivel to the standpipe. Made of heavy duty rubber and steel cables the Kelly hose flexible piping allows the Kelly and the bit and drill string to be raised and lowered while the drilling fluid is pumped through the drill string. The lowering of the drill string while pumping fluid is crucial to the drilling process. Usually made in diameters of 2″-2-1/2″-3″-3-1/2″ and 4″ i.d’s and in lengths from 30′ ft up to 85′ common length is 75′, 55′ and 65′.

We offer custom lengths in virtually any size right down to the inch if needed and as long as 150′ ft with fast delivery and stock ready for shipment, delivery or hot shot to your local. Unmatched customer service, fast delivery and competitive price we look forward to working with you on your drilling hose project, industrial hose and other flow line needs.

Temperature Range:
30°C~82°C, or manufactured upon customers’ requirements
Rotary Hose Lining:
Principally NBR constructed, featuring oil-resistant, abrasion-resistant, acid & alkali resistant
Drilling rotary Hose Reinforcement:
2~8 layers spiraled by single high-strength steel wire, and rubber as a binder to make the layers into one complete and sound construction
Rotary Hose Cover:
Primarily CR fabricated, featuring oil-resistant, abrasion-resistant, weatherproof and anti-ageing
Coupling Type:
LP (Line Pipe Thread) and TBG (Tubing Thread) of API Spec 5B
Integral type union joint and flange joint
Particular types upon customers’specific requirements
Reference Standard:
API Spec 7K,ISO 6807

Kill Hose and Coke Line Hose
The kill hose and choke line hose applies for the connection of the relative motion of the well drilling floor, semi-submersible boat or well drilling boat, and transportation high pressure medium such as oil, gas and mud etc., which is mainly consists of relief hose, BOP hose, kill hose and choke hose. The hose is API Spec. 16C / SY/T 5323-2003 standard, and has characteristics of anti high pressure, fire resistance, heat insulation, and wearable inner surface

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