Dredging and Dewatering equipments

Not only for drilling application( oil & gas drilling, HDD, geothermal, CBM, water well drilling), GN equipments can be also used for mining slurry separation, dredging slurry management, piling and tunneling.

Dredging and Dewatering equipments

Dredging and Dewatering equipments

GN dredging and dewatering equipments are designed to feed slurry directly from the dredge. GN dredging slurry separation system separates solids from dredging slurry through a three phase system.

In addition, the solids that are removed are dewatered to a stackable “press filter” state, which can be readily moved with front end loader, conveyor and/or dump trucks. The effluent is pumped off by a centrifugal pump.

The separation process is continuous and operates completely mechanically without any chemical enhancement. The dredging slurry separation system is designed as a three phase separation system, 1st separation is shale shaker, 2nd separation is desander, 3rd separation is desilter. Sometimes as the client’s requirement, we only design 2 phase shale shaker and desander. The desander and desilter are made into separate mud cleaner with large screen area.

Now GN designed 2000gpm DSS & 1000gpm DSS has been used in the field, which is only with mechanical separation without chemical material. We do not provide the further process with chemical and press filter. The 1000gpm Dredging slurry separation system can be made as trailer mounted system for easy move, the 2000gpm DSS is too large to be made of trailer mounted. We can also design various treating capacity mud system customized, Pls check the contact page , GN solids control will provide solution for you.

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