Ditch Witch Directional drill mud system in Brazil

Ditch Witchis an American brand of underground construction equipment, the company is a source for trenchers, vibratory plows, backhoes, electronic guidance and locating tools, drill pipe, down hole tools, chain, teeth and sprockets, vacuum excavators, excavator-tool carriers, and compact utility machines.

GN 200 GPM Mud System

GN 200 GPM Mud System

Ditch Witch horizontal directional drillĀ  is widely used all of the world , GN solids control provide horizontal directional drilling mud system/fluids treatment system for HDD rig. The basic features of such HDD mud system are compact, efficient, portable. It should be with the following functions:

1 recycling of drilling fluids from the mud pit, to re-use for the rig and less influence on the environment

2 Easy to be moved from one jobsite to another

3 compact footprint, do not need to disassembly any equipments during road transportation

GN new designed 200gpm mud system is suitable for HDD rig, also we provide customized design for different flow rate, if you have a horizontal directional drill from Ditch Witch or Vermeer, welcome to inquiry GN for more options. You can save cost of HDD mud system and get much Customized solution. Except for Ditch Witch & Vermeer, Goodeng from China is another good supplier for HDD rig. Goodeng horizontal directional drill machine sold very well in Brazil.

The photo above is GN 200gpm mud recycling system showed in Australia, we can make it trailer mounted. For more info, pls contact GN sales.

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