Directional drilling mud system inquiry

We got an inquiry for a directional drilling mud system.

Jessie , We currently own a 4,000 gal mud recycler which our company built ourselves which the current shale  shaker does not seem to work properly .

We are a trenchless directional drilling company and have been in the industry for 15 years .

directional drilling mud system

directional drilling mud system

The recycle we own has a three tank system , a settling 2,0000 l , a desilt 4,000l and a active clean tank 11,000 approx values .

This directional drilling mud system has 2   4×3 pumps which 1 is used for running 6 x 3″ hydro cyclones and the other to drive mud guns and to charge the drill rig mud pump

The shaker is a double decker (doublelife from Oklahoma USA ) with 5ft x 4ft screens . The bottom is used as scalper shale shaker and the top handles the underflow from the hydrocylones(drying screens) . This is the directional drilling mud  system weakness and we want to improve this but still use the current tank structure .

The genset we have is a 85kva .

Can you help us and how much would it cost for the mud cleaner that you have sent photos of ?

Please find the attached pictures of our directional drilling mud system .

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