Decanter centrifuge China manufacturer

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GN Solids Control is manufacture Decanter centrifuge for Drilling mud purification system.Our Decanter centrifuge use can use UL certified electric motor.

decanter centrifuge

decanter centrifuge

we are Contacting with a US American big importer for decanter centrifuge with UL certification.

Decanter Centrifuge is the key equipment of dealing with the super fine hazardous solid phase. Decanting cenrifuge can depart and recycle the solid phase larger than 5┬Ám, recover the density of drilling fluid quickly and increase the drilling speed. Decanter centrifuge is the ideal oilfield drilling fluid purified equipment.

The decanter centrifuge is mainly used to control the density and viscosity of drilling fluid, decrease the content of the solid phase, remove the hazardous solid phase, recycle the heavy spar, regain the left of whirling current separator to guarantee the good performance of drilling fluid and increase the speed of drilling.

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Why buy Decanter centrifuge from us?

By the way,we also manufacture centrifuge according to customer requirements.Our decanter centrifuge are good enough for exporting to USA market.

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