2009 2010 China International Petroleum Equipment Exhibition

As a China Petroleum Equipments Manufacturer,we attended the CIPPE 9 trade exhibition.Now share with you the 10 exhibition info.

GN Solids Control Equipments:

Trade Show time :March 22-24,2010

Petroleum Equipment Exhibition

Petroleum Equipment Exhibition

Brief introduction  of the exhibition

The largest annual petroleum exhibition in Asia and one of the top-4 in the world, the 9th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe2009), opens in Beijing at the New China International Exhibition Center on 19 March 2009. CIPPE 2009 is the largest in its nine-year history, expanding about 30% in exhibition area from 2008 to 60,000 square meters.

The Everbright exhibition center is composed of the west exhibition hall and the east exhibition hall. The west hall contains 3 levels and enjoys a specious area with 25000sqm. The ground is covered with special wear resisting material; it can hold more than 1200 standard booths. Further more, it is equipped with central air-compressor, water supply and drainage, Internet access and any other needed facilities. The east hall is at the first floor of Everbright hotel’s large build complex. Over 7500sqm areas can hold 322 standard booths. The special and reasonable layout combines the convention and the exhibition harmoniously. As you use the first floor to lauch exhibition, you can use the second floor to hold a Seminar or Banquet. Generally, no matter what kind of the exhibition you want to launch, you can be assured of receiving the best service and the most satisfactory return at Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center.。

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Exhibit Profile
■ Oil & gas exploration, exploit, and production equipment
■ Petroleum & petrochemical equipment and manufacturing
■ Technology and equipment for geophysical exploration, well logging and drilling ( for onshore and offshore ).
■ Examination & repair, maintenance, and management of petroleum & petrochemical equipments
■ Technology and equipment for oil and gas pipeline engineering
■ Technology and equipment for scientific research and laboratory in petroleum & petrochemical industry
■ Driving Machinery including generation set
■ Technological process and equipment for oil refining.
■ PCL & DCS Control System, On-site Bus Technical Equipment
■ Industrial automation plant and instrumentation
■ Oil & gas ground technical equipment
■ Technologies and equipment for safety, environmental protection, and energy conservation
■ Petrochemical production and advanced material
■ Electrical & electronic equipment, cable and electric wire
■ Sales system and facilities in petrol & gas station
■ Pipeline, tank car and special vehicles for oil and gas transportation
■ Fluid control equipment- Compressor, Pump, Blower and Valve
■ Fire and alarm equipment, articles for industrial safety and labor protection
■ Industrial explosion-proof products
■ Equipment for industrial rinsing, technology and material for anti-corrosion.
■ Communication, management information system, and e-commerce
■ Technology and equipment for loading & unloading, packaging, storing & transporting

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