What is TBM Slurry separation system?

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TBM is a branch of drilling work,has been the advent of nearly 180 years of history, the British began its development in Japan and Germany. The past 30 years, through the EPB, Desanding equipment in key technologies, such as an effective seal shield machine, ensure the stability of the excavation face, the control surface uplift and SLURRY SEPARATION & DESANDING EQUIPMENT subsidence within the specified range, TBM Slurry Treatment plant use the tool life and tool replacement in a sealed condition, some bad geological conditions such as high pressure processing technology.

Similar ystem like DSM/SM/KSM/TVM,with the technology developing,some new branch come out,like Gripper-TBM/ETBM/TBM-S/SM-Vseries/SM-Tseries,to fit Hartgestein/Lockergestein/Locker-und.

And other aspects of exploration and research to solve, so that the shield machine has developed rapidly. Shield especially EPB and TBM slurry system due to the need for rapid economic development and the development of practical engineering in some country soon. TBM slurry system technology is spical, especially in underground construction process to ensure that the replacement tool cutting disc under the seal of the premise and the situation up to  low MPa pressure, thereby increasing the longer time the shield tunneling machine. TBM Slurry treatment system also developed in a sealed condition, the replacement from the inside of the large-diameter cutter atmospheric space is worn tool.

Waste separation is the use of shield tunneling construction accounted for 45% of the total amount of the capital’s subway construction, there are currently some metro shield machine for the construction of effectiveness. Although TBM Slurry separation expensive, but Desanding System effect can be increased by 8 to 10 times, and in the construction process, without the demolition of a large area on the ground, not blocking traffic, construction noise, ground subsidence does not affect residents Normal life. However, a large Desander System machine technology and high added value, complex manufacturing process, the international community only Europe and Japan several companies to develop and produce.

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