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Oil Well Choke & Kill Manifold are a kind of well-control equipments, GN solids control do not produce such equipments, our products range including a complete set of solids control equipments and mud tanks.

An arrangement of piping or valves designed to control, distribute and often monitor fluid flow. Manifolds are often configured for specific functions, such as a choke manifold used in well-control operations and a squeeze manifold used in squeeze-cementing work. In each case, the functional requirements of the operation have been addressed in the configuration of the manifold and the degree of control and instrumentation required.

Chock Manifold

choke manifold

choke manifold

Oil well choke manifold is high-pressure pipe leading from an outlet on the BOP stack to the backpressure choke and associated manifold. During well-control operations, the fluid under pressure in the wellbore flows out of the well through the choke line to the choke, reducing the fluid pressure to atmospheric pressure. In floating offshore operations, the choke and kill lines exit the subsea BOP stack and then run along the outside of the drilling riser to the surface.

A choke manifold is used to lower the pressure from the well head. It consists of a set of high pressure valves and at least two chokes. These chokes can be fixed or adjustable or a mix of both. The redundancy is needed so that if one choke has to be taken out of service, the flow can be directed through another one. these long choke and kill lines must be considered to control the well properly.

Kill manifold

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Mar 11

GN solids control design and manufacture complete line of oilfield solids control system, we have provided several sets of solids control system for drilling rig ZJ20, ZJ30, ZJ40, ZJ50 & ZJ70 to many clients in the world.

We also recommend manufacture list in China for oilfield related equipments, such as drilling rig, mud pump, drilling mud chemicals, well control equipments, drill tools, etc.



Well control equipments manufacture in China

1 Shanghai SK Petroleum & Chemical Equipment Corporation Ltd

The main products of the company include mud logging unit, drilling apparatus, blow-out preventer (BOP) and control system, wellhead & charismas tree, analyzing apparatus for petroleum products, production logging apparatus, logging service, etc..

 2 Rongsheng Machinery Manufacture Ltd.

Main products are BOP series, Tool Joint series, Tubing series, Pumping Unit series, Filter series, Sucker Pump series almost 200 types.

It has passed the certification of ISO9001, and established a completed HSE management system. Main products have got API licenses.

 3 Yancheng Sanyi Petrochemical Machinery Co., Ltd.

It has been approved ISO 9001 certificate of quality and Licensed by the API Monogram Progarm for Spec 6A,Spec 6D,spec 16C,Spec 16A,spec 7.

 The main products are high and medium pressure valves,of which main technical parameters are PN2.5-105MPa nominal pressure and DN3-500mm nominal size,and such products specially used in oil fields as wellhead and X’mas tree assembly,casing head,choke and kill manifold,mud manifold, etc

 4 Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd (BOMCO), former Baoji Petroleum Machinery

BOMCO mainly manufactures land and offshore drilling rigs ranging from 1000 to 12000 meters, F-series mud pumps ranging from 500-2200HP, well control and well head equipment, and special vehicles, etc, totally more than 50 kinds, more than 1000 types of petroleum drilling and production equipment and components.

 For more well control manufactures in China and oilfield solid control equipments, pls control GN solids control.

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