Aug 23

GN decanter centrifuge with tungsten alloy tiles screw conveyor can have a much longer lifetime with good working performance. The Ex-proof control panel with positive pressurized air can keep inside lower temperature, and keep it clean without dust and keep it dry; all the features make the centrifuge & VFD control panel good performance and less maintenance.

One client from Africa, they bought 2 batches decanter centrifuge from us in past 3 years. The client is local land rig drilling contractor with 7 land rigs. They use the centrifuge for solids control, each rig need two sets centrifuge, the client have their own centrifuge from us, and they also rent some centrifuges locally.


Recently, we have got news from the clients that they are doing some maintenance for the VFD control panel and are faced with some challenges.

  • Challenge 1: the centrifuge cannot separate anything
  • Challenge 2: the PLC control panel don’t display correct rotation speed value as reset
  • Challenge 3: The centrifuge motor don’t rotate in correct direction

After several times discussion by email and by phones, we are clear that all the disorder is because of the electrical components in the VFD control panel which have been replaced by client is not working in correct mode. After we give instruction on how to adjust the Omren module components in the Control box, the centrifuge can work in correct mode as before.

The centrifuge motor rotation direction is also very important to the centrifuge performance. If the rotation direction is not correct, it will not remove solids and will not work normally. We have direction arrow in red stick on the motor end, it is much necessary for client to check the rotation direction before test the centrifuge.

Except for centrifuge, GN Solids Control also provide all line of solids control equipment, like shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud agitator, mud gun, shear pump, screw pump, slurry pump, mud tanks etc.

For drilling waste management, the products line including: vertical cuttings dryer, thermal desorption unit, fixation unit, screw conveyor etc.

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Jan 12

Big Bowl, large Extruder rate, PLC control is the development trend of centrifuge production, especially for oil & gas drilling fluids decanter centrifuge. VFD and Hydraulic are 2 kinds of drive method, both of them have their own advantages, but VFD control decanter centrifuge is much more popular and easy maintenance at present. Here I will introduce and compare some world famous VFD big bowl decanter centrifuge.



Model CD-600 DE-7200VFD HS-2172 GNLW553VFD
Bow size 598mm 544mm 533mm 550mm
Bow length 1928mm 1829mm 1829mm 1800mm
Bowl drive motor 132kw 112kw 112kw 55kw
Conveyor drive motor 45kw 45kw 30kw 15kw
Max design speed 2800RPM 3000rpm 3000rpm 3000rpm
Operation speed N/A N/A 2400rpm 2800rpm
Maximum G-force 2585G 2750G 2684G 2772G
Max capacity(water) 791gpm 500gpm 550gpm 400gpm
Gear box ratio 87:1 49:1 75:1 57:1
Length 4510mm 3957mm 4420mm 4020mm
Width 2210mm 2065mm 2134mm 1870mm
Height 2145mm 1597mm 1168mm 2220mm
Weight 9000kgs 6351kgs 7264kgs 5700kgs

According to the chart above, their bowl size, bowl length is similar to each other, but the G-force, motor power, differential speed etc specification has big difference. Also the treating capacity varies by different model, different brand centrifuge. Continue reading »

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Sep 14

GN designed centrifuge mud tank for oilfield and dredging project, with 1 unit of GNLW553VFD decanter centrifuge(or other model available) and Nemo pump to feed the centrifuge, the centrifuge tank is divided into 2 compartment, the mud after treated by shale shaker, desander/desilter flow or be pumped to compartment 1, then Nemo pumppumped it from the compartment 1 to the centrifuge for processing, the clean drilling mud dropped into compartment 2, which can be pumped to other application or flow to anywhere required.

centrifuge mud tank

centrifuge mud tank

In oilfield application, sometimes mud hopper unit also installed on centrifuge mud tank, the mud which will be feed to centrifuge is with solids smaller than 20 microns, it has been separated by desilter cone. After treated by decanter centrifuge, the max solids remained in the drilling fluids is smaller than 5 microns, it is called “clean mud”. The clean mud may be weighted in pill tank/compartment and mixed by mud mixing hopper & mixing pump.

In Dredging project, centrifuge mud tank is applied after dredging slurry separation system, after treated by the desander ( or sometimes desilter), the solids remained in the slurry may be too fine to be separated out by the centrifuge, so you need a flocculation tank before centrifuge mud tank. After flocculation, the mud is concentrate so It is easy for centrifuge to separate it, this is for better performance. So you have to use a positive displacement pump to pump the flocculated mud to centrifuge, otherwise the centrifugal pump will break it off. Sometimes filter press will replace the centrifuge, but efficiency of filter press is not so dissatisfied, so people use large treating capacity centrifuge instead.

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Jun 08

Brandt HS-3400 centrifuge is used to process unweighted and weighted, water-based and oil based drilling fluids(mud). Here we made a comparison between Brandt HS-3400 centrifuge and GNLW363VFD centrifuge.

GNLW363VFD decanter centrifuge

GNLW363VFD decanter centrifuge

What is the difference and specs in common?

Model Brandt HS-3400FEVSD GNLW363VFD centrifuge
length 124in(3150mm) 117inch(2970mm)
width 69in(1753mm) 59inch(1499mm)
height 59inch(1499mm) 68inch(1727mm)
Weight 7606lb(3453kg) 6613lb(3000kg)
Bowl diameter 14inch(356mm) 14inch(356mm)
Bowl length 49.5in(1257mm) 49.5in(1257mm)
Maximum bowl speed 4000rpm 3900rpm
Typecal bowl speed 2900rpm 2800rpm
Max processing capacity 200gal/min(757lit/min) 176gal/min
Drive type Variable frequency drive(VFD) Variable frequency drive(VFD)
Max G-force 3180 3000
Gear box ratio 52:1 39:1
Gear box type Two stage, planetary Two stage, planetary
Main drive motor 40HP(30KW) 40HP(30KW)
Back drive motor 25HP(19KW) 10HP(7.5KW)

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Apr 13

GN exported our drilling fluids decanter centrifuge to Mexico, Except for traditional model decanter centrifuge, GNLW452S middle speed decanter centrifuge, GNLW363G high speed decanter centrifuge, We also have 4 new model drilling fluids decanter centrifuge.

drilling fluids decanter centrifuge

drilling fluids decanter centrifuge

GNLW452S is developed based on our traditional model LW450x1000, after improvement on the design and performance, now its bowl length reach 1100mm(100mm larger than previous one) ,actual treating capacity can reach 40m3/h, and max bowl speed can reach 2200rpm, with all other features of middle speed decanter centrifuge.

GNLW363G is developed from GLW355x1250 model, after improvement, the bowl diameter is 5mm larger and bowl length is 20mm larger than before. Now the actual treating capacity can reach 30m3/h, and the bowl speed can be choose by using various size pulleys. The max bowl speed it can make is 3900rpm. Different with other suppliers, GN showed the actual treating capacity( process rate) on the paper, not the nominal processing rate 40m3/h.

GN new model drilling fluids decanter centrifuge compared with MI-SWACO drilling fluids decanter centrifuge:

GNLW364VFD is similar and large than SWACO 518. The bowl size of 518 is 356 x 1422mm, the bowl size of GNLW364G is 356x1510mm, the bowl length is more than 518 centrifuge. And the centrifuge is precision-balanced for smooth operation over long periods at speed of 1800 to 3900rpm, generating centrifugal forces up to 3000G.

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May 27

GN solids control have VFD decanter centrifuge for sale. Welcome to inquiry us for drilling fluids decanter centrifuge GLW-V-355x1250N .

decanter centrifuge for sale

decanter centrifuge for sale

GN decanter centrifuge mainly used for drilling fluids processing, barite recovery, drilling waste treatment, mud weighted, etc projects. We also produce related equipments fitted for the centrifuge, to be assembly as a complete drilling mud processing system, including mud tank, mud agitator, mud mixer, shale shaker, etc.

Safety Device of GLW-V-355x1250N decanter centrifuge

  1. Anti-overload

The device protects the Compensating gear from torque overload, which is installed in the outside end of the Compensating gear. The torque of gear is limited with a spring clutch by which power can be imputed. While overload cuts off spring clutch with driving shaft, the face of spring move the gland down to outside for 6mm and the stroke faucet switch on to switch off the power of main motor and fluid supply pump.

  1. Electric interlock device (only dual motor driving system)

In the dual motor driving system without inverter speed-adjustable device, the correct program for starting a centrifuge is:

1)        Firstly start the auxiliary motor.

2)        After thirty second, the main motor allows to be started.

The correct program for stopping a centrifuge is as follow:

1)        Firstly stop the main motor.

2)        After ten minutes, the electric interlock device will automatically switch the power of the auxiliary motor.

With the electric interlock device, the correct program can be automatically carried out and unexpected result from wrong operation can be avoided.

GLW-V-355x1250N Advantages:

  1. width rotary speed to satisfy technical requirement;
  2. Smooth and silence when start;
  3. Continue reading »

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