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Drilling Mud Vacuum Degasser exported to Africa

GN Solids is a professional oifield drilling mud vacuum degasser manufacturer and supplier in China oil drilling mud solids control industry. As the pioneer in this industry, GN Solids is capable of providing customers with series products ,such as oil & gas drilling fluid solids control equipment, drilling decanter centrifuge, drilling waste management equipment and drilling security equipment.

Application of drilling mud vacuum degasser

To recomve invading gas from drilling mud, it is necessary to install a vacuum degasser. So that the invading gases may not impact mud properties. This invading gases can lead to risks and affect the lifespan of solids control equipment.

Vacuum degasser is a special-purpose oil drilling mud solids control equipment and a new type one for the drilling fluids system. Drilling mud vacuum degasser can get rid of various gases invading drilling quickly. Drilling mud vacuum degasser is very important for keeping mud gravity, stabilizing mud viscosity and reducing drilling cost. At the same time, drilling mud vacuum degasser can be used as a heavy-power mud agitator and supported applicable to all types of drilling mud purification system. The drilling mud vacuum degasser design of the structure is scientific and rational. So we are able to achieve an effective gas-liquid separation, filter out impurities and to ensure that the exhaust pipe is always smooth.

drilling mud vaccum degasser

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Solids Control Equipment for Tunisia Drilling Company

Tunisia is a country located in North Africa. As an export-oriented country, the majority of the electricity used in Tunisia is produced locally. Oil production of Tunisia is about 97,600 barrels per day. That means this country has many drilling works under going.

GN Solids has already established links with many Tunisia national drilling company and Tunisia national mud Service Company. Only this year, they have exported many sets of solid control equipment and waste management equipment to Tunisia.

Mud Cleaer for Tunisia Drilling Company

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Mud mixing and agitation equipments

Whatever the drilling is, if only there is mud system, you will have mud mixing and agitation issues after a period of drilling.

Mud mixing equipment

GN jet mud mixer is specially used for mud mixing. GN Jet mud mixer is composed of a venturi type hopper and a centrifugal pump, we have 4 models available, GNSL150-45S,GNSL150-35S, GNSL100-25S,GNSL100-25M with 1320gallons/min, 880gpm, 400gpm and 264gpm mixing capacity.

Mud mixing and agitation equipments

Mud mixing and agitation equipments

How a venturi hopper work?

The fluid velocity must increase through the constriction to satisfy the equation of continuity, while its pressure must decrease due to conservation of energy: the gain in kinetic energy is balanced by a drop in pressure or a pressure gradient force. An equation for the drop in pressure due to the Venturi effect may be derived from a combination of Bernoulli’s principle and the equation of continuity.
Mud agitation equipments

Mud agitator is mainly used for mud agitation, sometimes for mud mixing. Also in some applications, vacuum degasser also be called a” big mud agitation equipment”.Mud agitator is composed of electric motor and gear box, the popular connection method is direct connection, in some countries, they still use shaft connection mud agitator.

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Vacu-flo Degassers For sale

GN has 6 units of vacu-flo degassers for sale, with electricity 440V/60HZ, 3phase, explosion proof and flame proof. It is well packaged and ready for shipment. If you have requirement on Vacu-flo degassers or vacuum degassers for your drilling mud system, pls contact GN immediately.

Technical specs of Vacu-flo degassers for sale

Vacu-flo Degassers

Vacu-flo Degassers



Main diameter










Motor power


Vacuum Power


 Rotary speed






Note: You do not need feed pump for GN vacu-flo degasser.

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Vacu-Flo Degassers in stock

GN has 6 units of Vavc-Flo degassers in stock, their specs as below:

Model: GNCQ270

vacu-flo degasser

vacu-flo degasser

Flow Rate:1200gpm

Total power: 22+3KW

Dimension:2000 length x 1000 width x 1670mm height


All of them are brand new and with electricity 440V/60HZ, 3 phase, explosion proof. We can change the voltage according to your requirement.

GNCQ270 Vacu-Flo degasser V.S. Derrick Vacu-Flo 1200

Their flow rate is same, just the dimension and weight is different. The most different is that GNCQ270 vaco-flo degasser do not need feeding pump.

Vacu-Flo Degasser normally called vacuum degasser. It uses the suction of the vacuum pump to establish an under balanced pressure area in the vacuum cylinder and causes the drilling fluid into the hollow shaft of the rotator through suction pipe under the atmosphere pressure, and then lets the fluid spray to the walls of the cylinder from the windows on the hollow shaft, now the gas bubble cut in the mud may break and run off Continue reading


Horizontal vacuum degasseris the most common degasser applied at present. A degasser is used in drilling to remove gases from drilling fluid which could otherwise form bubbles. It can remove virtually all entrained gases, including hydrogen sulfide and corrosive oxygen, from drilling fluid and reduce the threat of dangerous and costly blowouts while restoring mud to its original density for reuse in the active mud system.



GN standard ZCQ270 & ZCQ360 can process up to 1200gpm & 1500gpm, for requirement of processing rate less than 1000gpm, ZCQ270 will be your best choice.


1 skid mounted, compact foot print design

2 Self-Contained, do not need a centrifugal pump for feeding

3 Simple operation

For small amount of entrained gas in a drilling fluid, the degasser can play a major role of removing small bubbles that a liquid film has enveloped and entrapped. In order for it to be released and break out the air and gas such as methane, H2S and CO2 from the mud to the surface, the drilling fluid must pass degassing technique and it can be accomplished by the equipment called degasser which is also a major part of a mud systems.

Working principle of horizontal vacuum degasser

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Mud system for sale

GN has 3 complete of mud systemfor sale now. They are in stock in our Beijing Warehouse. Originally there are 5 sets of complete rig package for drilling site in Iraq, and we already shipped the 2 of them to Iraq. Because of the bad situation in Iraq, the project is delayed, we will sell the left 3 sets of mud system with 30% discount.

mud system for sale

mud system for sale

 If you are interested, welcome to visit GN, we will show you the mud system in our yard.

Applications for the mud tanks:

1000HP/1500HP oil rig complete mud system with Derrick Solids Control or GN Solids Control Equipments.

Specifications of the Mud Tanks System

1 Mud tanks:

7x400BBL Mud Tank for one set

3 sets total capacity=8400BBL


Including Shaker Tank, suction tank, storage tanks, mixing tanks completed with agitators, mud guns, centrifugal pumps.

2 Solids control equipments for one set:

Option 1:

3x Linear Motion Shale Shaker Derrick FLC2000

1xVacuum Degasser Derrick 1200

1xMud Cleaner with 3x10inch desander and 16x4inch desilter, underflow linear motion shaker Derrick FLC2000

2xDecanter Centrifuge Derrick DE1000

Option 2:

3x Linear Motion Shale Shaker GNZS703

1xVacuum Degasser GNCQ270

1xMud Cleaner with 3x10inch desander and 16x4inch desilter, underflow linear motion shaker GNZJ703-3S16N

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Swaco horizontal degasser v.s. GN Vacu-Flo degasser

GN produce Vacu-FLO degasser with 1000gpm, 1200gpm, 1320gpm, 1584gpm degassing rate.

GN ZCQ series Vacu-FLO degasser v.s.Swaco horizontal degasser

Swaco horizontal degasser and vertical degasser are all different with GN vacuum degasser both in structure and working principle.

Working principle of Swaco horizontal degasser

The return-flow, gas-cut mud is drawn into the tank through a vacuum created by the discharge jet and pump. The mud is then dispersed in a thin layer over a two-tier, baffle-plate system where the entrained gas, including H2S and corrosive oxygen, is recovered by the vacuum pump. The freed gas is then discharged at a safe distance from the drilling operation while the restored mud is returned to the active mud system.

Vacu-Flo degasser

Vacu-Flo degasser

Working principle of GN

Vacu-FLO degasser

The vacuum degasser uses the suction of the vacuum pump to establish an under balanced pressure area in the vacuum cylinder and causes the drilling fluid into the hollow shaft of the rotator through suction pipe under the atmosphere pressure, and then lets the fluid spray to the walls of the cylinder from the windows on the hollow shaft, now the gas bubble cut in the mud may break and run off in the function of vacuum pump suction to a safe area due to the fluid collision and bubble separator. However, the mud will enter the drainage cavity forced by its self-weight and pass the rotator and discharge off the cylinder. In addition, drilling mud can enter the pump cylinder only through the suction pipe, and can’t be sucked in through the discharge pipe because the vacuum pump and the master motor are started simultaneously and the rotator connected to the motor will revolve at a high speed.

Features of GN vacuum degasser

l)  Skid-mounted design simplifies spotting and installation

2)Small footprint-69x34in.(1750x860mm)

3) Totally self-contained

4)  Corrosion-resistant, epoxy coated inside and out to ensure long life and minimum maintenance

5) More leaf surface area- The greater the effective surface area, the more efficiently gas is separated from the mud.

6) GN particular design- provide higher fluid impact and greater turbulence for faster gas removal. you do not need extra feeding pump, it saves a lot of money and place for clients.

If you are interested to get more information about GN Vacu-FLO degasser, pls check our website.

How to evaluate a Mud gas separator

The mud gas separator is used in a ‘kick’ situation to separate large volumes of free gas invaded in the drilling fluid.

 Function of Mud gas separator

 Mud gas separator also called poor boy degasser, Gus buster, which is designed to provide effective separation of the drilling mud and invaded gas from the well by venting the gas and returning the mud to the mud pits. Small amounts of entrained gas can then be handles by a

liquid gas separator

liquid gas separator

vacuum-type degasser located in the mud pits. The mud/gas separator controls gas cutting during kick situations, during drilling with significant drilled gas in the mud returns, or when trip gas is circulated up.

 Mud leg height is an important parameter for the mud gas separator, you need to clear it during evaluation.

 What is Mud leg?

The mud leg in the separator is controlled by adjusting the fluid level in the mud tank or by moving the separat6or up or down within the tank. Mud tank height can restrict the maximum mud leg obtainable for open-bottom mud gas separator.

 Mud leg is an important part for mud gas separator, it is also called Fluid level. Fluids level is maintained in a float mud gas separator by a float/valve configuration. The float opens and closed a valve on the mud return line to maintain the mud leg level. Valves can be operated by manual linkage system connected from the float to the valve, or the valve can be air-operated with the rig air. Mud leg height can be controlled by adjusting the float assembly.

 There are some inherent problems in the use of float-type mud gas separators. The manual linkage separator has experienced problems with linkage failure resulting in improper opening or closing of the mud return line valve. Air-operated valves fail to function if rig air is lost, resulting in no control of fluid level within the separator. Mud-return-line valves are prone to plug with solids, preventing mud flow back to the mud pits.

 Gas Flow calculation is another important issue to evaluate the mud gas separator.  

Usually we need to calculate the following items.

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The Difference between Vacuum Degasser and Poor Boy Degasser

Vacuum degasser and poor boy degasser is both are degasser in oilfield, there are some differences some maybe confused.

How do the two degasser works and the difference

The vacuum degasser suck the drilling mud and separated mud and gas by vacuum pump.

Our vacuum degasser operates on a “thin strata” principle. The drill mud enters the tank and forces it to flow and distributed to a layer of internal baffle plates engineered to allow the liquid inside the vacuum degasser to flow as thin film and is exposed to the vacuum within the vessel. This layer of mud allows the gas to escape or break out of the mud . The vacuum pump releases the gas and discharge it to the disposal line. Mud exits the vessel under the action of the venturi and is returned to the mud system.

The poor boy worked by the physical characters.

The GN MUD/GAS SEPARATOR (poor boy degasser) consists of a cylindrical pressure vessel in a fixed vertical position. Inside is a series of specially angled baffle plates, stepped from the top to the bottom. When contaminated mud is routed into the separator, it flows downward successively over each plate. During this process, the heads of entrained gases “break out.” The released gas is then carried by the vent lines to a remote location where it can be safely flared. Continue reading