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GN produce centrifugal pump for VACUFLO vacuum degasser, usually it is installed on the skid of the mud tank,together with the feeding pump of desander&desilter. The flow rate various from 20m3/h ~400m3/h.

centrifugal pump

centrifugal pump

Firstly, we should introduceVACUFLO vacuum degasser briefly.

 Function of vacuum degasserAn efficient degasser is essential to safe and productive drilling operations. Gas present in the well bore can reduce the hydrostatic head in the well bore – with the potential for even greater gas influx and possible blow-out.

How do vacuum degasser work?

Vacuum degassers work by creating lower pressure inside a vessel so air or other gaseous impurities can be removed from a substance, such as water or even molten steel. The air is siphoned from the vessel after pressure is lowered enough to force the gas from the substance.

Features of Derrick VACUFLO vacuum degasser

Derrick’s Design

More Leaf Surface Area

Corrugated Fiberglass Leaves

Gas Extraction

Large Access Door

Compared with Derrick VACUFLO vacuum degasser, GN vacuum degasser has the following features.

1 Smaller area required

Because of different design, GN Vacuum dgasser do not a feeding pump, it is a self priming one, so you save a lot of area to install the feeding pump of vacuum degasser.GN vacuum degasser have a compact structure which can be installed on the tank easily.

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