Nov 25

Last week we exported a mud mixing plant to Spain. Every year we design and manufactured hundreds of mud mixing plant for international clients, especially for developed countries, like UK, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Singapore, etc.

mud mixing plant to Spain

mud mixing plant to Spain

The mud mixing plant is with mud hopper, slurry pump, mud agitator, mud tank, control system, and the painting color can be customized. The mud tank dimension is designed by the active capacity clients required. And we should consider the container shipment when design, freight charge is one of the factor clients may care.

Except for skid-mounted mud mixing plant, we can also make it portable mud mixing plant, and connected with truck head for convenient transportation.

During shipment, we put mud hopper inside the tank by remove the Galvanized Steel Grating, and put the hand rail, stairs on top of the tank.

Except for mud mixing plant, we can also produce mud recycling system plant, including shaker tank, suction tank, reserve tank, water tank, trip tank, pill tank and related solids control equipment. We can also add dewatering unit if clients required.

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Apr 15

GN solids control produced various kinds of mud tanks for oilfield drilling and water well drilling, including swab tank, storage tank, fuel tank, water tank, mixing tank, suction tank, pill tank, trip tank, mixing tank, intermediate tank, shaker tank etc.

General features of GN mud tanks

oilfield swab tank

oilfield swab tank

1 Customized dimension

2. Sand Blast Treatment before painting.                                                                                            

 3. Two pack Epoxy zinc(Japan Kansai & Cosco brand)                                                                                    

4. Two Pack Epoxy hi-build containing anticorrosive pigmentstwice.                       

5. Surface pigmented with high quality light fast PU pigments

6 Stainless steel material tank available

7 Skid Mounted 3 Runner Oilfield Design

8 Proper mud agitator and mud guns are available

9 Mud tank accessories included

Oilfield Swab tank

Also called test tank, each plumbed for separate discharge to vacuum truck or water tank. Complete with minimum 32 ” Poor-Boy Degasser with proper vent, fluid leg and inspection hatch. Usually we will provide a complete sets of measurement tools, including Mud Balance, Plastic Marsh Funnel Viscometer and Plastic Measuring Cup and Stopwatch.

Oilfield trip tank

A small mud tank with a capacity of 10 to 15 barrels, usually with 1-barrel or h-barrel divisions, used to ascertain the amount of mud necessary to keep the wellbore full with the exact amount of mud that is displaced by drill pipe. When the bit comes out of the hole, a volume of mud equal to that which the drill pipe occupied while in the hole must be pumped into the hole to replace the pipe. when the bit goes back in the hole, the drill pipe displaces a certain amount of mud, and a trip tank can be used again to keep track of this volume.

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Mar 03

Drilling mud suction tank is the requirements of our client mud system second tank.The first tank :Oilfield shale shaker tank (1).

Details of the mud suction tank for the 1000HP drilling mud system.

500 bbls mud suction tank. three (3) compartment suction tank with two (2) 15’-6’’ long x 10’ wide x 8’ high suction

drilling mud suction tank

drilling mud suction tank

compartment and one (1) 8’ long x 10’ wide x 8’ high pill compartment mounted on a 40’ skid per above general spesifications and including:
top grating. includes tubing handrials and toe boards.
one (1) psi 10 hp mud agitator supplied and mounted in pill compartment.
one (1) psi 10 hp agrtator supplied mounted in each suction compartment.
three (3) 3’’ bottom mud guns with butterfly valves.
three (3) 10’’ butterfly valve clean-out gates – one (1) in each compartment.
two (2) 10’’ suction lines, one (1) for each mud pump.
mud pump to be capable of suching from any compartment.
one (1) mud lap on suction tank with 1’’ water tap.
8’’ suction line in each compartment of the suction tank for mud mix. Continue reading »

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