Nov 02

Slurry treatment system is very important for slurry tunnel boring. GN Solids Control is also very professional at TBM (Tunnel Boringslurry separation system for tunneling Machine) slurry treatment system. The picture beside is the most popular slurry treatment system. It usually contains a linear motion shale shaker (GNZS63-3, or GNZS83-3), and a mud cleaner, hydro-cyclones with linear motion shale shaker (GNZS63-3, or GNZS83-3). Also mud tank for storage, centrifugal pump to transport.

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Jan 20

As a drilling mud solids control system manufacturer,we just succeed in getting contract with a Turkey Company for Hydraulic mining slurry separation Machinery.

Hydraulic mining slurry separation

Hydraulic mining slurry separation

Our engineer went to see the mining project in Turkey,and discussed about how to apply our slurry separation machinery and equipments.Finally we agreed on a complete slurry separation system proposal.

Hydraulic mining slurry separation system including machinery as: Slurry centrifugal pumps,mud tanks,shale shakers,desanders,desilters,slurry agitators etc.

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Dec 25

Dredge dewatering system are Integrated from Dredged slurry Separation equioments. As a drilling mud system manufacturer,we are now moving to a new division of slurry separation for Dredge dewatering system.

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The dredge dewatering Equipments

Dredged slurry tanks (Ladder、slide walk、handrail、valve, mud pipe line, clean gate)

Dredge Dewatering System

Dredge Dewatering System

Sand Pumps,Centrifugal pump
Electrical Requirements:460v, 60 Hz, 3Ph, 350 Amps or 380v, 50 Hz, 3Ph
Solid Separation Equipment
Two ZS Scalping Shakers model ZS830×108-3
2 Desanders with ZS830×108-3 Shakers
2 Desilter with ZS830×108-3 Shakers
Thru put Dredged slurry Dewatering Capacity
2000 gallons per minute, continuous.
Slurry Agitators
Two 7.5kw with double impeller
Solids Loading in Feed
15% by weight for best performance
Mud Guns

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