Jul 30

Shaker screen is used for shale shaker, as we all know, MI SWACO is a very professional manufacturer of soldis control equipments, so does the shale shaker. Offshore and land rigs running M-I SWACO* BEM-600,* BEM-650* and MONGOOSE* PT shale shakers,and Brandt^ VSM 300^ brand shakers. Mi-swaco manufacturer all types of shaker screens for these shakers. So does GN Solids Control.
DURAFLO* OEM screens for the M-I SWACO BEM-600, BEM-650 and MONGOOSE PT shale shakers and replacement screens for mongoose shaker screenBrandt VSM300 brand shakers offer higher throughput rates than metal screens as well as longer life, lower weight, and fast, easy repair. And GN Solids Control, as a professional manufacturer of soldis control system, just like Mi-Swaco, Brandt, can supply all kinds of replacement of shaker screens for miswaco derrick and brandt.

There are four different screen meshes miswaco and GN can offer, with the DURAFLO frame as a solid base.

XR MESH for unmatched screen life and exceptional capacity. Largerdiameter wire gives XR MESH screens the longest life in the industry today. Combining XR MESH screens with the DURAFLO composite frame technology allows for exceptionally high fluid-handling
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