Apr 11

We got the purchase order of GNMS-1000D desanding plant with PU screen, and other spare parts in last month. After about half month manufacturing, all materials are ready for delivery.

desanding plant

How will the client use the desanding plant ?

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Apr 28

We always have stock shaker screen, centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer and shale shaker in stock in our Houston facility. After we sell some product, we will supply it again from China headquarter. We just have one batch of centrifuges and shaker screen coming from Houston seaport. The batch equipment include: 2 sets GNLW223 decanter centrifuge, and 7 pcs wooden boxes of shaker screen. The Mini centrifuge GNLW223 is generally used for diamond drilling, mining, piling, or other construction industry. The shaker screen is used as replacement shaker screen for Swaco Mongoose shaker screen, Derrick DE1000 shaker screen, Nov brandt king cobra shaker screen etc. In year of 2014, one client from Canada bought 10 sets GNLW223 MINI centrifuge for diamond drilling project. The fine work performance and lower price make clients very happy and we build long term relationship after that order.


1)       Except for GNLW223, what model centrifuge do GN have

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Feb 18

Recently, we have one overseas clients requiring one sets 500gpm mud recycling tank system for HDD project. The client is GN old client who bought one set 500gpm system 3 years before. Now, they need more equipment to support the upcoming new projects. Based on the former mud system, the clients give request on the technical parameters:


 Part 1: Recycle unit:

Same layout as their original unit – shale shaker, shaker with desnader and desilter, 2x pumps for cyclone and 1x feed \ transfer pump

Delete the mud hopper

Size of 40ft container with locking device for track

Recycle unit will be 7.5m length and rest of the length will be flat skid for mount in Generator

Unit needs to have lifting hooks for crane

Feed hose entrance from pit and clean mud hose needs to be at the base floor height – unit is going to be mounting permanent on track.

Electrical panels must be height quality and have power socket for pit pump 22kw

Submersible slurry pump, or Pit pump 22kw x 2units

The width of the unit with the rail folded cannot be more then 2.5m

Total height of the unit 3.20m – so if volume size is changed please extend the length of the unit from 7.5m to more.

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Sep 09

API RP 13C is the latest labeling procedure for shaker screens. Internationally, API RP 13C is ISO 13501.Now the API Screen Numbers are determined by the D100 separation (Microns).d100 separation and API screen number

Introduction of API RP 13C

The new procedure API RP 13C is a revision of the previous API RP 13E, which was based on optical measurements of the screen opening using a microscope and computer analysis. Under API RP 13E, screen designations were based on individual manufacturer test methods which produced inconsistent labeling. So it has many different criterion, and when we choose the shaker screen for the shakers, we are easy to get in trouble, even now with the API RP13C, we must convert the old one to the new label, then we can choose the right screen.

How They Test

The API RP 13C test contain two parts: cut point and conductance. It is a current criterion. Used all over the world.The tests describe a screen without predicting its performance.

The cut point test is based on a time-proven testing method used by ASTM to classify particles by size.

The D100 separation is used for assigning screen designations. D100 means that
100 percent of the particles larger than the test screen will be retained, and all finer particles will pass through.

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Nov 16

A Client from Venezuela wants to establish shale shaker screens factory with us.They are doing solids control equipments,and drilling mud system rental service.

About our shaker screens:

Inquiries as below:

We are looking the viability to establish a screen factory in Venezuela to supply screens to PDVSA and the local companies.

We are interested to receive information if your company could be interested on this national and socialist project. The actual exchange controls in the country is oriented to promote and increase the local production, we have a group of investors interested to participate on this Oil & Gas area project and are looking for the engineering project and the properly machinery, Venezuela have local suppliers for aluminum and steel that represent an advantage for the necesary base material.
We have experience on solids control equipment rental and repair of the traditional brands like: Derrick, Swaco, Brandt, Double life, Triton, etc.

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Aug 07

We manufacture linear motion shale shaker for drilling fluids solids control,

Buy  now :linear motion shale shaker

Linear Motion Shale Shaker is mainly used for the first phase drilling liquid purification. The shale shaker uses two motors vibrate in-phase for separation. The electric vibrator and the electric equipment in the electric control system are importedexplosion proof appliances. The screen area is big, the capacity high and the screening efficiency high. The linear motion shale shaker track quickens the discard and improves screen efficiency. The basket can be adjusted to different angles tocope with different environments and drilling liquid conditions. The screen is durable and easy to install and maintain.
linear motion shale shaker photo:

Linear motion shale shaker

Linear motion shale shakerChina manufacturer GN Solids Control offer the world with drilling mud shale shaker equipments.We are an exporter of drilling fluid shale shaker for Indian, Russian,middle east.etc.Oilfield Company of the United States and

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