Apr 17

Oily sludge is difficult to reuse because it is mixture of waste solids, oil and water. If not treatment, Oily sludge is hazardous to environment, may contaminate the soil, water and air. The oily sludge can be from refinery, drilling waste or tank cleaning etc. From technology, if the oily sludge can be separated to oil, water and solids, the separated oil can be reused or resell, the separated water can be used for green or project.  After well separation, the oily sludge can be effectively become useful material.

oily sludge treatment

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Sep 22

As the crude oil price is lower, many drilling company stop drilling operation and are busy with oily sludge. They want to treat the oily sludge, recover valuable oil, and reduce the impact on the environment. Government in every country also has related regulations on environmental protection.

After about half year communication with different oily sludge client, we promote oily sludge treatment system with shaker, centrifuge, chemical dosing system, and O/W separator. The system includes 4 parts.

Part 1: Mixing tank with shaker and agitators

The shaker on the tank is long deck shale shaker with hot line inlet water/steam, which can help to improve the separation performance of shaker screen. We also advise coarse mesh screen for longer working life, and to avoid sludge stick on the screen.

After separation of shaker, the liquid go down to the mixing tank, the agitator will suspending it. Meanwhile, the chemical will coming from chemical dosing system. Here, the oily sludge will be diluted and have better separation.

mud tank

Part 2: Chemical dosing system

The chemical dosing system including PAM three tank dosing system, acid tank etc.

Part 3: Centrifuge on telescopic skid

After the mixing tank, the oily sludge will be transfer to centrifuge system. High speed centrifuge can separate the fine solids, discharge down to skips, and the clean liquid go to slant plate clarifier.

We recommend most popular centrifuge model GNLW363 series. The 14inch centrifuge is equivalent to Swaco 518 centrifuge or Derrick DE1000 centrifuges. We have lots of client shift from Swaco/Derrick to GN for centrifuge requirements.

Big bowl big capacity centrifuge is also available, GNLW553 centrifuge is 22inch centrifuge with big volume.


Part 4: slant plate clarifier and O/W separator

Via slant plate clarifier, the solids will be removed. Then, the liquid go to O/W separator, here the liquid will be separated into oil and water. Oil pump to oil tank; water pump to water tank.

If you are in need of solids control equipment, pls contact us freely.

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Aug 11

GN Solids Control is professional leading manufacturer for different type centrifuge for different area applications, the centrifuge type including fixed speed centrifuge & variable speed centrifuge, high speed centrifuge and lower speed centrifuge, electrical motor drive centrifuge and fully hydraulic centrifuge, 2 phase centrifuge and 3 phase centrifuge, horizontal screw centrifuge and vertical scraper centrifuge or disc centrifuge etc. The application area including:

  • Oil gas drilling mud treatment centrifuge (similar to HDD drilling mud centrifuge)
    Public works sewage sludge treatment
    Industry and mineral oil separation and clean
    Fool oil and fat extraction and separation
    Food and drinks, like fruit juice, vegetable juice, beer production and grape wine production

GN industry centrifuges

In public sewage sludge treatment, GN centrifuge can provide below functions.

1) Sludge concentration
Sludge concentration refers to the residual sludge generated in the organic phase before being pumped into the digestive tower, the dry matter content from g/ltr. 5-10 concentration to 5 to 8%. In this process, the sludge volume will be reduced by 95% – 90.
The horizontal screw centrifuge is used for dewatering of sludge. The most critical point of the sludge transportation, recycling, landfill or burning after dewatering is the most important point to be as dry as possible. Other key factors and save energy, polymer and water consumption, and reduce the demand for spare parts.

2) New use of starch polymers for sludge thickening
Horizontal screw centrifuge consist of all the advantages of different type centrifuges, can ensure the best concentration effect even if the starch polymer is added in the sludge. Through the centrifugal force, the rest sludge will be concentrated to a set of sludge, controllable concentration. Starch polymers are needed to ensure that the separation degree is greater than 95% when the concentration of the solution is concentrated. In this process, only use a very small amount of polymer, while the minimum energy consumption to achieve high.

3) Environmental Protection Dredging Engineering
Compared with other mechanical dewatering equipment, Decanter centrifuge can give continuous operation, the dehydrated mud cake containing a high rate of solid; the recovery rate can reach more than 95%. The system has the advantages of small occupation area, and can achieve the full closed operation, operation environment is clean and hygienic, especially suitable to do in the densely populated area of town river sludge dewatering operation, can effectively reduce sludge transportation and landfill space.

dredging separation system

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