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Synthetic-based mud recycling system

Mainly there are 3 types of drilling fluids, water-based mud, oil based mud & synthetic based mud.

Synthetic-based fluid is a mud where the base fluid is a synthetic oil. This is most often used on offshore rigs because it has the properties of an oil-based mud, but the toxicity of the fluid fumes are much less than an oil-based fluid. This is important when men work with the fluid in an enclosed space such as an offshore drilling rig.

There is a technical limit to what can be achieved with water-based fluids, especially in the short and medium terms. For this reason, I believe advances in the environmental performance of synthetic-based fluids can be expected to occur faster, in combination with improved treatment and new drilling techniques. But synthetic based mud’s cost is much higher than water-based mud.

The mud recycling system for the 3 types of mud is basically similar but has little difference.

synthetic based mud recycling system

synthetic based mud recycling system

Synthetic based mud is mostly used for offshore drilling, people sometimes do not process and recycle the used mud at jobsite, they have the used drilling fluids in mud pits and transport them to a drilling fluids plant or factory for recycling and treatment, then ship back to the rig. In some other situations, they have the solids control system at jobsite, but no drilling waste management equipments at jobsite.

Water based mud is with cheaper cost and also environment friendly, it is mainly used for land drilling, in most oilfield in China or some developing countries, water based mud is widely used, and it works well with solids control system produced in China.

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World’s top 3 oil and gas exhibition

GN solids control is specialist of oil and gas drilling mud solids control in China. Since 2010 we started to attend important oil & gas exhibition in the world according to our major market.

GN main equipments:

Shale Shaker, Mud Cleaner , Desander ,Desilter, Centrifuge, Agitator,Degasser,Mixing Hoppers, Flare Igniter, Various Tanks, Pumps, Shaker Screens ,Mud Gun

shale shaker for Argentina oil show

shale shaker for Argentina oil show

GN major application :

1 land rig oil & gas drilling

2 offshore drilling waste management

3 trenchless drilling

Here is a list of world’s top 3 oil & gas exhibition collected by GN solids control.


Founded in 1969, the Offshore Technology Conference is the world’s foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection. OTC is held annually at Reliant Center in Houston.

Each year, OTC attracts more than 65,000 attendees and 2,000 exhibiting companies representing more than 110 countries.

OTC is sponsored by 12 industry organizations and societies, who work cooperatively to develop the technical program. OTC also has endorsing and supporting organizations.

GN will take a complete mud recycling system there , we have a 108m2 booth for our system and equipments. Welcome to visit us in 2012.


SAOGE continues to be the largest oil & gas industry exhibition, ever staged in Saudi Arabia, offering clients unique access to the regions oil and gas sector.  


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GN back from Brazil Offshore 2011 with success

GN solids control attends Brazil Offshore 2011 in Macae last week from 14th to 17th, June, 2011. We got success during the show, we met some valuable clients, we show the world of GN brand and learn from other companies.

GN solids control in Brazil Offshore

GN solids control in Brazil Offshore

 We met some clients and talking about proposal of drilling waste management system, decanter centrifuge, onshore and offshore drilling fluids treatment system, also we contact with big petroleum companies,drilling companies, oilfield service companies, also solids control equipments manufacturers in the world, such as Petrobras, BAKER HUGHES,TSC OFFSHORE, CPTDC, OIL STATES,NOV, Derrick, GE OIL&GAS,ETC.They are very interested in the products and service provided by GN, and hope to have further cooperation after the show.

 During Brazil Offshore 2011, we showed our main products including linear motion shale shaker, Balanced elliptical motion shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator, shaker screens and oilfield drilling rig solids control system & HDD mud system.

 If you are interested in GN solids control equipments and would like to meet us in the oil show, we could have a meeting in the following show.

1 For clients in South America, we can meet in AOG(Argentina) which is held on 10~13 October,2011.

2 For clients in Russia, we can meet in 11th Moscow International exhibition “Oil and Gas” held on 21th~24th, June, 2011.

3 For clients worldwide, we can meet in OTC2012 held in TX, USA.

For detailed exhibition information and GN booth, we will public in GN website timely.

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Offshore drilling service company

offshore drilling

offshore drilling

GN solids control produce mud recycling system/circulation system for both land rig(onshore drilling) and offshore drilling.

What is offshore drilling?

Offshore drilling is one of the greatest technological breakthroughs in recent decades, and many new techniques have been developed to profit from the abundance of oil underneath the ocean floor. While drilling for oil has been around for hundreds of years in one form or the another, the effective extraction of petroleum from beneath the sea floor did not surface until the last forty years. The search for oil often turns out to be unproductive, but this practice is vital for the economic future of many nations.

List of the top offshore drilling service companies

1 Transocean-the world’s largest offshore well services drilling company

Largest offshore driller with 165 mobile offshore drilling and production units, inland drilling barges and supporting assets.
– Largest “floating” rig driller with more than 60 semisubmersibles and drillships.
– Largest deepwater driller with almost 40 units that can drill in more than 2,000 feet of water.
– Largest shallow-water driller with 54 jackups, including the largest jackup fleet in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico with 27units.
– Largest inland drilling barge driller with more than 30 units.
– Largest offshore driller in market equity capitalization.

land rig drilling service

land rig drilling service

2 Baker Hughes Inc-consultancy and engineering in oilfield drilling services
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Offshore drilling rig mud degasser

An offshore drilling company require the degasser from us

The drill vessel Belford Dolphin rig is considering installing a Diverter line degasser , in the vessels present offshore drilling location , the wells are subject to gas suspension in the riser (deepwater exploration) , venting this off via the choke and kill manifold to the present Poor Boy degasser  is not suitable.

mud degasser

mud degasser

The plan that is being researched at present is to install a degasser in the diverter line returning to the gumbo box.

Your model ZYQ1000 mud gas separator  or ZYQ1200 poor boy degasser is of interest to the vessel, please advise if a larger inlet can be fitted to these units IE  8” as opposed to a 5” inlet

Please supply a quote and delivery time for this offshore drilling mud degasser

The degassers for offshore drilling mud  as shown are minimal for what the client has requested from the rig.

On the present drilling location gas is being trapped in the riser (suspended in the mud) this is creating a situation were gas bubbles are coming out of the riser and causing mud to be expelled onto the drilling  rig floor , by the time this is noticed the gas bubble has all but dissipated , leaving a mess on the rig floor Continue reading

Oil Gas Directory Rigzone list GN Solids Control

One of the largest Oil Gas Directory Rigzone list GN Solids Control in their online directory.

GN Solids Control

Rigzone Directory Notification as below:

Congratulations – your company website (www.gnsolidscontrol.com) is the newest addition to Rigzone’s Online Oil and Gas Directory! After careful review by Rigzone’s editors, your site was approved. Your site listing will be available at search.rigzone.com within 3-5 business days.

Our list in Rigzone:GN Solids Control

GN Solids Control Products & Services in Rigzone directory:

Products >> S >> Solids Control >> Degasser
Products >> S >> Solids Control >> Desanders
Products >> S >> Solids Control >> Desilters
Products >> S >> Solids Control >> Shakers
Products >> S >> Solids Control >> Centrifuges
Products >> T >> Tanks >> Mud
Products >> M >> Mixers

Directory Categories

Companies >> Manufacturers & Suppliers >> Solids Control

Who visits Rigzone?
Rigzone’s vibrant, quickly growing audience and member base spans the upstream oil and gas industry from major corporate executives to influential independents.

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What does Rigzone offer?
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