Oct 21

The mud tanks manufactured by GN solids control have been sold to more than 48 countries in the world, the application including oil & gas drilling solids control system, mud mixing system, mud storage, HDD mud recycling system, mining slurry separation system, etc.

Our mud tanks are including the following parts:

mud tank pipeline

mud tank pipeline

1 skid mounted mud tank

2 various pipelines

3 butterfly valve, flange, union, soft connector

4 Handrail, walkway, stairs, inner ladder

Now we will introduce various pipelines of mud tank system. Take a ZJ20 drilling rig solids control system as example.

1 mud cleaner pipelie

2 Mud pump suction pipeline

3 Mud mixing and weighting pipeline

4 overflow pipeline

5 Heating pipeline( only for low temperature drilling environment, such as Russia)

6 water manifold

7 Mud gun manifold

There is mud gun manifold for the whole system, and the mud gun involves all the tanks. Mediume pressure pipes connect tanks, which is sealed, reliable and convenient for installation and uninstall. The output manifold of mud pumps supply the entire mud manifold with mud fluid. Users can add input joint for mud medium pressure pipeline at the position showing in the figure.

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Mar 11

A good mud mixing and additive system should be a jet-shear mud mixing system, it must has three functions, shearing, jet mixing and drilling fluids additive. GN design and produce such multiple function system.

GN mud mixing and additive system

GN mud mixing and additive system can be mounted on a separate skid then connected with a mud mixing tank, or they can be mounted on the skid of the tank. The latter way is a compact structure of mud mixing unit, and the former way can be more flexible to move the mud mixing unit from one place to another. But you do not have to move it all the time, the mud mixing pipelines which is controlled by butterfly valves can reach this target, too.

Venturi hopper with a mixing pump is the most simple way for the mud mixing unit. Centrifugal pump can be replaced by shearing pump, then you call it jet-shear mud mixing system.

venturi hopper

venturi hopper

 What is drilling mud additives?

Drilling fluid additives are specialty products that serve a specific need – and Halliburton and Baroid are known for high-quality additives that deliver the consistent performance mandated by environmental regulations. Our commitment to research and development ensures that our products and processes reflect the latest advancements in fluid additive technology.

Jet shear mud mixing systems 

Jet shear mud mixing systems are designed to use shear pump to efficiently mix solids with liquids. Jet shear systems ensure efficient and mixing of soluble polymers and bentonite used in water-based drilling fluids, therefore eliminating “fish eyes”. Drilling fluid yield and gel strength properties are instantly obtained with hydraulic shearing of bentonite or organophilic clays.

The addition of liquid additives is made easy with the incorporation of an injection port into the jet pump. This port is capable of handling liquid additives such as; lubricants, polyacrylamides, and oil-wetting emulsifiers. By incorporating an in-line mixer, the operator is given the choice of imparting low shear into the drilling mud. When the appropriate level of mixing is imparted into the drilling mud, polymers are efficiently used, therefore lowering additive costs.

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