Dec 11

GN Drilling rig mud system package are widely used for petroleum drilling and HDD(Horizontal directional drilling rig)

Land Rig mud system Packages

Drilling rig mud system

Drilling rig mud system

We deliver complete, integrated mud system packages for installation on land rigs. Our focus is on delivering custom-designed products and a quick and cost-effective mobilisation and demobilisation process.

Offshore Drilling Rig mud system Packages

We offer a range of world class drilling fluid systems for installation on new builds or upgrades of existing offshore rigs including jack-ups, semis and platforms.

Drilling Mud Equipment

GN Drilling Mud engineers and manufactures a range of drilling fluid systems and equipment. All products are available either as stand-alone products or as part of a bigger package.

Drilling rig mud equipment independent Equipment
* Drilling mud Shale Shaker
* Drilling mud Cleaner Continue reading »

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Nov 19

HDD mud system and equipments are becoming a very important market for GN Solids Control, China  leading manufacturer  specializing  in complete line of  equipments for drilling mud system.GN Drilling mud equipments are widely used in oil & gas drilling,and HDD mud system.

HDD mud system

HDD mud system

Australian HDD drilling company inquiry for mud system

Can you please supply me pricing on your HDD horizontal directional drilling mud tank systems.
I am looking for small units that will clean 130 gal and larger units to clean up to 1000 gal per minute.

Indonesia HDD drilling contractor for mud system:

My Company is Contractor Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD).I Am interesting with MUD Cleaner ZQJ250×100B.Please quote me and send information about this product to my Email.

Nice to hear your voice in phone. Thankyou for your quotation. As per our inquiry, I want to order completed this Solid system. Here, I attached the system from Mud Tech. The system consist of, mud shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud tank, mixing system, generator set, hopper etc. I hope you have the equivalent product, with the same capasity, realibility and performance. But I dont want skid mounted, and the system can do disassembly.

I hope you can submitted to me your quotation that equivalent product and performance.

After two days discussion,the Indonesia clients are going to order a complete HDD mud system from us in next week.

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Nov 17

Today,A client inquired us for Drilling rig 750 HP  Mud handling equipment

Drilling mud handling equipment

Drilling mud handling equipment

Mud gas separator (poor boy  degasser)

Capacity :  1.56 M3.

Mud Degasser handling gas in mud
1 EA. ZCQ1.5/5 Vacuum degasse
Type/size centrifugal pump: 2″X1.1/2″
Driven by electric motor
50 HZ.   –   22 KW.   –    380/660 V.

Drilling Mud system
Mud pumps
1 EA. Mud pump  –  SI PETRO.  –  CHINA.
3NB-500 mud pump
Max. flow rate: 4000 PSI.

2 EA. Mud Mixing pumps
Driven by motor : 73 HP.

1EA. Transfer pumps

SIZE : 2.1/2″ SHAFT. – 4″X3″X13″ CASING.
Driven by motor: 50 HP.

Mud tanks system
3 EA.  mud tankS
DIMEN.: 12500×3200×3100mm

Total capacity : 133 BBL.

Total capacity  : 400 BBL.
W./MISSION PUMP 2500 4″X3″X13″ – 2.1/2″ SHAFT.

Sand trap
1 EA. sand pump
capacity : 40 BBL. Continue reading »

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Nov 10

Mud system for 1000HP drilling rig is available from us with all equipments for complete drilling mud system.

Mud system for 1000HP drilling rig

2 x 1000HP BOMCO Mud Pump Package Powered by one 1000HP 752 type series wound D.C traction motor

8 ? ‘H x 10’W x 47’L Mud Tanks (1500 BBLS). Thanks have necessary piping, valves, dump gates, & compartments. It can be expanded to (2000 BBLS)
Mud Mixes, super charging (6’ x 8”) pump driven by minimum 75HP electric motor. (Specify make & model of pump, drive, and impeller size)

“Pump manifold for two rig pumps for independent operation and full flexibility for
operating any pump while the other pump is isolated for repairs”
10HP motors. The mud system C/W 6” x 5” centrifugal pumps with 75HP motors

2- Cone Desander

10 Cone Desilter

Vacuum Degasser

Linear Shakers    2

One 9’H x 10’W x 45’L with two 2” x 3” centrifugal pumps.

“Vapor proof light rig lights and sufficient lighting for all work areas complete with
control panel.

All necessary flow lines, manifolds, suctions, discharges, equalizers, safety valves, casing fill-up lines and water and air lines for rig-up
OTECO Mud Bucket with 5”, and 3 ? “ rubbers
“Two MUD SAVER Kelly valve for preventing loss of mud from Kelly while making

Besides 1000 HP Drilling rig mud,2000 HP,3000 HP,6000HP ect drilling rig mud system are available from GN Solids control.

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Nov 02

As a drilling mud equipments and system manufacturer, now we have an inquiry for drilling mud cooler to integrated into our drilling mud system.

Drilling mud cooler

Drilling mud cooler

The drilling mud cooler specifications:
1. Mobile Drilling Mud Cooler
2. Minimum capacity is 900 GPM
3. The system completed by pumps & piping for temperatures ( Bottom Hole
Temperature at End Section ) below :
a. Type 1 well :
1. 26” phase 112°F
2. 17”1/2 phase 200°F
3. 12”1/4 phase 265°F
4. 8”1/2 phase 280°F
5. 6” phase 320°F @ 8600 ft TVD as TD
b. Type 2 well :
1. 26” phase 112°F
2. 17”1/2 phase 190°F
3. 12”1/4 x 14”1/2 315°F
4. 12”1/4 phase 335°F
5. 8”1/2 phase 390°F
6. 6” phase 410°F @ 12,100 ft TVD as TD
c. Type 3 well :
1. 26” phase 96°F
2. 18”1/2 phase 112°F
3. 14”1/2×17”1/2 175°F
4. 12”1/4×14”1/2 275°F
5. 10”5/8 x 12”1/4 365°F
6. 8”1/2 phase 395°F
7. 6” phase 415°F @ 12,200 ft TVD as TD
d. Type 4 well :
1. 26” phase 96°F
2. 18”1/2 x 22” 112°F
3. 17”1/2 x 20” 160°F
4. 14”1/2 x 17”1/2 255°F
5. 12”1/4 x 14”1/2 265°F
6. 10”5/8 x 12”1/4 290°F
7. 8”1/2 phase 370°F
8. 6” phase 425°F
If anybody who is able to supply the drilling mud cooler in China for the drilling mud system, please feel free to contact us for more info about the drilling mud cooler.

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Oct 26

How to get HDD Drilling Equipments at a beat price?It’s time for you to look for HDD Drilling Equipments For sale at the world crisis.

HDD Drilling rig

HDD Drilling rig

Now we have a suggestion for you to get a good price For HDD Drilling Equipments full package.You know in HDD drilling,the two main parts of the equipments are 1,HDD drilling rig,3,HDD mud equipments.

It would be wise idea to get the two parts from different HDD drilling equipments manufacturers.But it may not be convenient for you.

GN Solids Control solutions,As a HDD drilling mud equipments manufacturer,we are discussing with HDD drilling rig company in China about cooperation.You can contact either of us,but get the complete package for your HDD drilling equipments at manufacture price.

Complete HDD Drilling Mud Equipments From GN Solids Control

More about HDD Drilling
Directional boring, commonly called horizontal directional drilling or HDD, is a steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipes, conduits and cables in a shallow arc along a prescribed bore path by using a surface launched drilling rig, with minimal impact on the surrounding area. Directional boring is used when trenching or excavating is not practical. Directional boring minimizes environmental disruption. It is suitable for a variety of soil conditions and jobs including road, landscape and river crossings. Installation lengths up to 6,500’ (2,000m) have been completed, and diameters up to 56″ (1,200mm) have been installed in shorter runs. Pipes can be made of materials such as PVC, polyethylene, Ductile iron, and steel if the pipes can be pulled through the drilled hole.

Don’t wait,get HDD Drilling Equipments For sale now.

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