Aug 05

GN Solids Control equipment mainly used on oil drilling, gas drilling, Coal bed methane drilling, Horizontal directional drilling and also geothermal drilling.  Recently,we got inquiry from Kenya Geothermal Operation Company. They have one 750hp geothermal rig and want to match mud system for near future project.  After have discussion with the operation manager, we offer one compact solution.

mud system

Mud tank:

Originally, we offer 3 options below:

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Oct 24

We got an inquiry for Mud Mixing/recycling system  for Oil/HDD/Drilling

Looking to buy Mud Recycling system specs like below:

Mud Recycling System

Mud Recycling System

Output: Up to 350 USgpm (1300 litres/min)
Cut Point: 16 microns
Capacity: 4000 US gallons (15,000 litres)
Pumps: Three 3 x 4″ centrifugal pumps with approx 22kW motors
Power: Integral control panel for all electrical functions.
Please quote price CIF Mumbai, India or Kolkata, India.

About GN Drilling Mud Systems/Mud mixing Equipments

GN Solids Control Mud delivers a wide range of modern, innovative and cost-effective mud systems and equipment for both on- and off-shore applications. Each piece of equipment is designed and manufactured with a strong focus on quality, reliability, flexibility, and ease-of-use.

An effective and reliable mud recycling system is a fundamental part of any modern drilling application; from mud mixing to mud treatment, low pressure and high pressure mud equipment, bulk storage to mud system control, TTS Sense Mud offers a full range of quality solutions designed to add value to your drilling project.

GN Drilling Mud equipment is custom-designed to individual project requirements and manufactured to the most rigorous standards, providing our customers with safe, cost-effective and reliable mud mixing, for oil gas drilling,Horizontal directional drilling.

Our Equipments for this Mud Mixing/recycling system of Oil/HDD/Drilling

S/n    Description    Quantity    Unit
1,    ZS63×125-3  Shale shaker 1
2,      ZQJ100×6 Mud cleaner 1
3,      SB4×3-13 Sand pump             1
4,      LSB4×3-13 Sand pump 1
5,      Mud Tank  6000×2500×2900mm    1
6,      Jet mixing hopper 1

Welcome to contact us for more customized  Mud Mixing/recycling System  for Oil/HDD/Drilling

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