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Solids Control Equipment for Tunisia Drilling Company

Tunisia is a country located in North Africa. As an export-oriented country, the majority of the electricity used in Tunisia is produced locally. Oil production of Tunisia is about 97,600 barrels per day. That means this country has many drilling works under going.

GN Solids has already established links with many Tunisia national drilling company and Tunisia national mud Service Company. Only this year, they have exported many sets of solid control equipment and waste management equipment to Tunisia.

Mud Cleaer for Tunisia Drilling Company

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Derrick mud cleaner V.S. MI-SWACO, Brandt mud cleaner

Mud cleaner is a combination of shale shaker, desander, desilter for oilfield drilling mud system, NOV Brandt also called it mud conditioner. There are many suppliers for mud cleaners, Derrick, MI-SWACO, Brandt, GN Solids Control, here we will make a comparison of the 4 model of mud cleaners. Take 1000gpm unit for example:

mud cleaner

GN mud cleaner

1 Derrick Mud Cleaner Features:

A round desilter manifold and/or a desander manifold is mounted in a cone discharge collection pan installed over the vibrating screen.Underflow from the hydrocyclones is received by the collection pan, which may feed directly to discharge or onto the vibrating screens for additional processing.

Derrick’s standard desander cone and desilter cone is 10” & 4”

2 MI-SWACO Mud Cleaner features:

Low profile through

Bypass intergral

Vertical installation method of desilter cone

MI-SWACO’s standard desander cone and desilter cone is 12” and 4”

3 Brandt Mud Cleaner

Patented pin-and-hole screen securing system

Brandt’s standard desander cone and desilter cone is 10” or 12” and 4”

4 GN Mud Cleaner

Small footprint, compact design; desilter cone is installed vertical but inclined, GN standard desander cone and desilter cone is also 10 inch and 4 inch, which is same with Derrick’s.

GN mud cleane is convenient to ship it by containers, GNZJ703-2S12N(1000gpm) footprint is only 2403x1883x2195mm, but same treating capacity, Brandt Cobra 16/2 Mud Conditioner dimension is 2692 mm x 2032 mm x 2565 mm. For same treating capacity and function equivalent, GN mud cleaner is with the smallest size.

Desander, Desilter, Mud conditioner

GN desander, desilter have standard frame for hydrocyclones. This made our design, production high efficiently. For desander, we have standard GN1S with treating capacity 500gpm, GN2S with treating capacity 1000gpm, GN3S with treating capacity 1500gpm. For desilter, we have standard GN8N with treating capacity 500gpm, GN12N with capacity 1000gpm, GN16N with capacity 1500gpm. If you required large quantity, we can make other hydrocyclone qty according to your required treating capacity. Desander, desilter has no underflow shaker.

mud conditioner

mud conditioner

Mud conditioner also called mud cleaner, some times we called desander, desilter, shale shaker 3 in 1. Also for mud cleaner, we have standard 500gpm, 1000gpm, 1500gpm mud cleaner with optional linear motion shaker or balanced elliptical motion shaker. Compared with separate desander, desilter, mud conditioner have the following advantages:

1 With larger shale shaker, can process mud better and recovery more drilling mud to save drilling cost.

2 Save space, you only need to place one machine which can do the job for 3 machines together.

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NOV Mud Conditioner and GN Mud Cleaner

There are a lot of names given to the combination of hydrocyclone and shale shaker. In NOV, it is called mud conditioner; while Derrick, flow line cleaner; Mi swaco, mud cleaner; in China, GN Solids Control, also named it mud cleaner.
There are six mud conditioner types: King Cobra Mud Conditioner; Cobra Mud Conditioner; LCM-3D Mud Conditioner; Mini Cobra 2-Panel Mud Conditioner; Mini Cobra 3-Panel Mud Conditioner; King Cobra Venom Mud Conditioner. The differences is the shale shaker, and the number of cones.gn mud cleaner
There are 5 models in GN Solids Control: GNZJ83-3 GNPJ70-3 GNZJ63-3 GNZJ83-2 GNTJ60,  two kinds of shaker GNZS Linear Motion Shale Shaker, GNPS Balanced elliptical shale shaker are available.
The National Oilwell Varco? Brandt? King Cobra Mud Conditioner utilizes a combination of hydrocyclones and a King Cobra shale shaker to separate solids from liquid. The combination of hydrocyclone cones utilized is dependent upon the specific application of duty. Cone combinations typically consist of a desander cones (10-inch or 12-inch) and desilter cones (4-inch) which are properly sized to handle over 125% of the flow rate.
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