Sep 17

There are a lot of names given to the combination of hydrocyclone and shale shaker. In NOV, it is called mud conditioner; while Derrick, flow line cleaner; Mi swaco, mud cleaner; in China, GN Solids Control, also named it mud cleaner.
There are six mud conditioner types: King Cobra Mud Conditioner; Cobra Mud Conditioner; LCM-3D Mud Conditioner; Mini Cobra 2-Panel Mud Conditioner; Mini Cobra 3-Panel Mud Conditioner; King Cobra Venom Mud Conditioner. The differences is the shale shaker, and the number of mud cleaner
There are 5 models in GN Solids Control: GNZJ83-3 GNPJ70-3 GNZJ63-3 GNZJ83-2 GNTJ60,  two kinds of shaker GNZS Linear Motion Shale Shaker, GNPS Balanced elliptical shale shaker are available.
The National Oilwell Varco? Brandt? King Cobra Mud Conditioner utilizes a combination of hydrocyclones and a King Cobra shale shaker to separate solids from liquid. The combination of hydrocyclone cones utilized is dependent upon the specific application of duty. Cone combinations typically consist of a desander cones (10-inch or 12-inch) and desilter cones (4-inch) which are properly sized to handle over 125% of the flow rate.
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