Dec 02

Chile has the world’s largest copper reserves and is also the largest producer and exporter of the metal. In 2011, Chile expects global copper output will reach 16.5 million tonnes, an increase of 345,000 tonnes over 2010. Of the 16.5 million tonnes of output, Chile expects to supply 5.7 million, roughly one-third of the total demand.

mining rig mud recycling system

mining rig mud recycling system

Copper mining has played a significant role in the Chilean economy since at least 1825 when foreign investors were actively competing to control the country’s rich copper and silver deposits. By 1835, Chile was exporting 12,700 tonnes of copper per year, mostly to the United States. By 1860 copper accounted for fifty-five percent of the economy.

Mining rig drilling also needs mud recycling system, consider environment protection and drilling requirement. Since mining rig is usually very small, so the mud system should be portable and compact, the production cost will be lower than HDD and oil drilling.

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