Apr 05

Whatever the drilling is, if only there is mud system, you will have mud mixing and agitation issues after a period of drilling.

Mud mixing equipment

GN jet mud mixer is specially used for mud mixing. GN Jet mud mixer is composed of a venturi type hopper and a centrifugal pump, we have 4 models available, GNSL150-45S,GNSL150-35S, GNSL100-25S,GNSL100-25M with 1320gallons/min, 880gpm, 400gpm and 264gpm mixing capacity.

Mud mixing and agitation equipments

Mud mixing and agitation equipments

How a venturi hopper work?

The fluid velocity must increase through the constriction to satisfy the equation of continuity, while its pressure must decrease due to conservation of energy: the gain in kinetic energy is balanced by a drop in pressure or a pressure gradient force. An equation for the drop in pressure due to the Venturi effect may be derived from a combination of Bernoulli’s principle and the equation of continuity.
Mud agitation equipments

Mud agitator is mainly used for mud agitation, sometimes for mud mixing. Also in some applications, vacuum degasser also be called a” big mud agitation equipment”.Mud agitator is composed of electric motor and gear box, the popular connection method is direct connection, in some countries, they still use shaft connection mud agitator.

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Nov 04

Drilling fluid is used to aid the drilling of boreholes into the earth. Often used while drilling oil and natural gas wells and on exploration drilling rigs, drilling fluids are also used for much simpler boreholes, such as water wells. Liquid drilling fluid is often called drilling mud.

In drilling operations, solid weighting materials are commonly added to the drilling fluid to give sufficient density to the fluid to hinder inflow of oil or gas into the wellbore from the down-hole formation. Weighting material sag. i.e. sedimentation of weighting material from the drilling fluid, has been and is currently one of the biggest challenges within the drilling fluids industry as it can lead to well control problems, lost circulation, hindered running of casing/liner, insufficient displacement etc.

weighting material adding equipment

weighting material adding equipment

 CALCIUM CARBONATE is Acid souble weight material.It is used to prevent fluid invasion of permeable zones, and to prevent loss of circulation during drilling, workover, and completion activities. CALCIUM CARBONATE is applicable in all drilling fluids, aqueous and non-aqueous. It can be used to prepare a pill for spotting purposes. is also used as an acid soluble weighting material for drill-in or workover fluids with a density of 14.0 ppg or less.

HEMATITE is for extremely high density mud.It is used to obtain mud weights in excess of 20.0 ppg in water based drilling fluids, 19.0 ppg in oil based drilling fluids, or any time that exceptional control is required of solids percentage for rheology control.

Barite is the most used weighting material, has a density of 4.1. It is used for increasing the density of fresh water, salt water, and oil based muds.

Barite is added through a hopper, GN designed Jet mud mixer is used for barite adding, it consist of venturi hopper and mixing pump. It can be used with the complete mud system, also it can be used separately.

Jet shearing unit is consist of venturi hopper and shearing pump, which can cut the big section into small pieces and add weighting material then mix them. It is commonly used in oil & gas drilling solids control system, usually it is installed on the weighting tank or mixing tank. Sometimes it is used together with decanter centrifuge.

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Aug 27

Shear pump is usually used together with Jet mud mixing unit, to be assembled as a jet shearing unit in oilfield solids control system.

Jet shearing unit

The jet shearing unit is formed by shear pump, mixing hopper, pipeline and polymer/clay hydrator. For installation transportation, the polymer/clay hydrator is formed by a separate compartment.

oilfield shear pump

oilfield shear pump

The pump should be located the liquid source so that the suction line can be short and reduce loses. The foundation should be sufficiently rigid and substantial to absorb any vibration and support the base plate at all points. The base plate should be installed in a level position.

Oilfield shear pump

The JQB series shear pump adopts a set of compound seal for no leakage at stuffing box. Inside pump is a 300series stainless steel turbine containing 44 nozzles, four scoops and shear plate. Fifty(50)% of the fluid is sheared twice each time through the pump. This turbine shear pump is mounted on a special base with belts and sheaves to drive pump, OSHA type belt guard and a electric motor. Included is a special hopper(ZHP150) with nozzle sized for this application and one mud kit as a package in order to build a complete shear and hydration system. The pump is designed to give longer service life through the improved shaft seal.

There are many principles of proper pump installation and application as well as special considerations for the pump design which, if followed, will further enhance the performance of your shear pump.

This document will deal with both general and specific recommendations for improved JQB series turbine shear performance in both oilfield and industrial applications.

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Apr 22

GN solids control has designed and produced many Liquid mud plant, and we can produce all the equipments for liquid mud plant, such as jet mud mixer, mixing hopper, centrifugal pump, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud gun, mud mixing tank, pipeline system, electric control panel, etc.

Following is a proposal for a liquid mud plant for Brazil client. It has the following advantages.

liquid mud plant in Brazil

liquid mud plant in Brazil

1 Mud Storage tank 6 sets, total 360m3(87176 US gallons)

2 11KW mud agitator, 3 sets for each storage tank , 2 sets for centrifuge tank

3 Mud gun NJQ50-3, 2 sets for each storage tank, Function1 : to agitate mud , Function2: to transfer mud

4 Centrifuge tank, Active capacity: 30m3

5 Middle speed centrifuge LW450x1000N, the function is to Clean drilling fluids,

Separated cut point: 5~7μm, treating capacity 50m3/h

6 Screw pump, it can pump mud from each tank to centrifuge for cleaning, after processing, they can flow to any tank through pipelines

7 Jet mud mixer SLH150-50 on separate skid (hopper+mixing pump)

The function is to prepare and weight drilling mud

1 )Unit capacity: 240m3/h, unit mixing speed: 100kg/min

2) #1 and #2 jet mud mixer can work separately, also can work at the same time

3) The mixing pump also can be used as transfer pump, to pump mud from one tank to another, or to other tanks out of this plant

4) Mixing pump can mix or prepare mud for any tank in this plant

8 Tank accessories, like walkway, hand rail, clean gate, man hole, stairs, etc

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Jan 24

GN solids control designed and manufactured slurry separation system for TBM project. GN250, GN400, GN600 is special for TBM project in Hongkong.

What is TBM?

TBM slurry separation system

TBM slurry separation system

A tunnel boring machine (TBM) also known as a “mole”, is a machine used to excavate tunnels with a circular cross section through a variety of soil and rock strata. They can bore through hard rock, sand, and almost anything in between. Tunnel diameters can range from a metre (done with micro-TBMs) to almost 16 metres to date. Tunnels of less than a metre or so in diameter are typically done using trenchless construction methods or horizontal directional drilling rather than TBMs.

Function of TBM

Tunnel boring machines are used as an alternative to drilling and blasting (D&B) methods in rock and conventional ‘hand mining’ in soil. TBMs have the advantages of limiting the disturbance to the surrounding ground and producing a smooth tunnel wall. This significantly reduces the cost of lining the tunnel, and makes them suitable to use in heavily urbanized areas. The major disadvantage is the upfront cost. TBMs are expensive to construct, and can be difficult to transport. However, as modern tunnels become longer, the cost of tunnel boring machines versus drill and blast is actually less—this is because tunnelling with TBMs is much more efficient and results in a shorter project.

GN400 slurry separation system is composed of the following items:

1 GNZS83-3 shale shaker 2sets , with 2.7m3 pyramid screen area and max 7.0G vibrating strength

The shaker screen is not same as common oil drilling shaker screen, it is a kind of slit type shaker screen, material is stainless steel wire. It can process large solids such as rocks, the function is same as scalper. But if the solids in the mud is not so large, you can change a small mesh screen so that the treatment effect could be better, so it is much flexible than scalper.  

2 GNZJ83-3 desander 1set, use 3 pcs 12” PU hydrocyclones with underflow shaker GNZS83-3

3 GNZJ83-3 desilter 1 set, use 18pcs 5” PU hydrocyclones with underflow shaker GNZS83-3

 5”  Hydrocyclones can process larger capacity than conventional 4” cone, and it is not easy to jam the inlet of desilter. The GNZJ83-3 desilter is designed of round arrangement, the round arrangement is with compact structure and better performance than horizontal line.

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