May 27

The desander and desilter are important parts of solids control system, and the hydrocyclone cones is the key component. Here is the detailed introduction of the cones design, the use and ability of desander desilter cones, and then I introduce you the manufacturers of  desander cone and desilter cones.

Desander desilter cones design

The desander cone and desilter cones all are also referred as hydrocyclone cones, cones are basically separate the solids from drilling fluids. The separation process is carried out by employing centrifugal forces. The Cones are made of high durameter polyurethane with optional steel inserts, which ensure consistent productivity.

cones in desanderdesander operation design

cones in desander

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Apr 08

Desander and desilter hydrociclones are device to separate particles from drilling fluid, which is sorted by shale shaker in the first phase of solids control system. You can see in the first picture.

hydrocyclone of desander and desilter Usage of hydrocyclone

A hydrocyclone is often used to separate drilling cuttings from drilling mud originating at a desander desilter or some other continuous source of pressurized liquid. A hydrocyclone is most likely to be th

e right choice for processes where “lights” (drilling fluids, e.g.) are the greater part of the mixture and where the “heavies” (drilling cuttings e.g.) settle fairly easily.

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Feb 01

Clients often asks us about desander and desilter selection,what model and how many cones should they use.Do they need to use shale shaker before the desander and desilter.

desander desilter shaker

desander desilter shaker

The desander and desilter selection depends on  particle size:
A,If you use 10″ desander before desilter,max particle size:47microns
B,If you do not use desander,but use shale shaker before desilter,you should use not less then 100mesh=149microns screen before desilter
C,For desander,you should use shaker,whose screen should be better not less then 40mesh=420microns
D,Suggesting Particle size rangle for 4″ desilter is from 15microns to 47 microns

Treating capacity of desander and desilter.

One ea Desilter cones 4″=15m³/h,one ea desander cones 10″=90m³/h Desander cones 11”=110m³/h.For small treating capacity,people may select single desander or desilter.For large treating capacity,it’s better to choose desander and desilter combination,also called mud cleaner,with linear motion shale shaker.

Welcome to contact GN Solids Control to learn more about desander and desilter.

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Oct 16

GN desilter is manufactured by GN Solids Control .We design and manufacture desilter for separating drilling

hydrocyclone desilter

hydrocyclone desilter

fluids,drilling mud.

1. Connect the grout outlet of sand pump and admission inlet with 6″ rubber pipe. The gas hole installed on the top of overflow pipe is used for preventing the siphon effects. A little drilling fluid will be flowed from air-bleed hole when the desilter is running. Air-bleed hole can not be blocked. If not, desilter will be failed to run.
2. Manifold of desilter: Two ends of incoming-stream manifold and overflow manifold should be connected with flange, in which the liquid can flow. The joint of overflow pipe can be rotated in any angle along the axle, through which the 8″ rubber pipe can be fixed in other drilling liquid tank easily. Incoming-stream pipe and overflow pipe of hydrocyclone should be assembled with 90° angle.
3. Firstly, open the fixed equipment of desilter screen box.
4. The operation of desilter is adjusted through the outlet pressure of sand pump.
5.Desilter Screen Assembly
The quality of installation will influence its life and running. Don’t damage the screen artificially and loosen the screen when assembling. If not, the sound “FLAPPING” will be emerged between screen and support rubber strip when shale shaker is running, in which the screen is damaged speedily. However, don’t stretch it tightly. If not, the pre-force of screen is exceed, in which the damaged degree of screen also be speeded or the screen is stretched directly.
If the support rubber strip of screen box is rugged or damaged, press and change it.
6.Slip locking equipment
This equipment locks the roll-axial to tighten the screens. Lock in roll-axial through stretching the slip by bolts. Grease should be feed into the slip locking structure for every replacing of screen to prevent the equipment sticking.
7.The maintenance of desilter screens
Iron parts and other hard particles are forbidden to destroy or tear the screen.
The meshes of screen should be matched according to performance of well liquid. The finer screen(shale shaker screen) should be prior only if the well liquid is flown from the screen, in which the effects will be better.

This Desilter should be maintained forcibly.
Adjust, clean, screw, and change part expired and damaged units if the operation exceeds 500 hours totally.
Check or change tight roll-axial of screen box, and change the cut-cone and spiral case, as well as check the insulation of motors if the operation exceeds 4000 hours totally.

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Oct 13

GN oilfield drilling mud Desilter is discussed for application in mining slurry separtion.

Thank you for your e-mail of 12th October about your solids control equipments application.

Oilfield desilter

Oilfield desilter

We are of opinion that, during your interpretation of the technical specifications and the screen analysis of our ore, a misunderstanding must have occurred.

The result of the screen analysis of our ore we sent to you was only to give you a general information about the grain size of the ore.

These grain sizes do not reflect the particle sizes which we will feed into our process line.

The ore we are going to feed into the concentrator will preliminarily be screened through a 0,500 mm (35 mesh U.S) screen and be reduced down to -0,500 mm.

Following this, -0,500 mm material will be deslimed by separating ≥15µ using Hydrocyclone desilter and in this way we will end up with a material of -500 mm + 0,015 mm.

Studying the technical parameters of your ZQJ DESILTER, we understood that we can deslimed our (-0,500mm) material, by separating it at ≥ 15µ, using your ZQJ DESILTER.

During this operation we think that the solid rate of the pulp should be approximately 15%.

We are waiting for your answer, stating, if it would be possible to apply the process given above successfully using your DESILTER.

We can discuss and negotiate the details about your other equipment like shale shakers,decanting centrifuges, machinery and pump after having finished the negotiations about the applicability of DESILTER.

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Aug 09

GN solids control  supply hydrocylone desilter.

See the specifications here:Hydrocyclone desilter.

Hydrocylone Desilter separators are one of the important equipment of controlling the solids in the drill fluid. The action is to remove the harmful solids, promote the drill fluid performance and separate 15~47 μm solids particles accounting for over 60﹪ of solids quantity.When the quick drilling is made in the soft formation, the shale shaker only can remove large solids particles, but the Hydrocylone Desilter separators canremove fine solids particles, fully promoting the solids control efficiency. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the well site where the formation is
considerable hard and the drilling speed is slower so that the cuttings is very fine in particle size.

Hydrocylone Desilter separators Features:

hydrocyclone desilter

hydrocyclone desilter

1.The desilter is fitted with 8 cyclones that are of symmetrical arrangement and features compact structure, small volume and easy maintenance.
2.The matched shaker is fitted with an eccentric shaft vibrator and a sheet of tensioned screen tightened with hook strips on both sides, therefore, it is

easy to tighten and replace the screen.

Hydrocylone separators including:Desander,desilter.Buy hydrocyclone desilter separator From China manufacturer,you’ll enjoy best price,and good service.

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Jul 28

We are a China drilling fluids desander manufacturer.We supply many of high quality desanders to our international customer for oil gas well drilling  solids control system.

Desanders are one of the important equipment of controlling the solids in the drill fluid. The action is to remove the harmful solids, stabilize the drill fluid performance and promote the drilling efficiency. Continue reading »

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