Jun 15

The mud cleaning system produced by GN solids control is widely used for horizontal directional drilling , water welling drilling ,coal bed methane, geothermal hole and mining diamond core drilling , it is used to separate the drill cuttings from the mud, so that the clean mud can be re-circulated to continue the drilling process.

As the Geothermal drilling usually close or inside the downtown, this requires the mud system to be compact with less footprint and user friendly with less noisy. Also Geothermal well drilling sometimes require high capacity performance for deep wells. Below is the jobsite photo of mud cleaning system for geothermal drilling, which is produced and commissioning by GN solids control.              

Geothermal mud cleaning system

Geothermal mud cleaning system


Like water well drilling, mud rotary drilling is also the desired method for installing geothermal loops. As the bit penetrates the soil, it creates smaller fragmented pieces that are called drill cuttings. The mud carries these cuttings to surface to create an open hole from the top down to the bottom. The drill cuttings are collected into a mud pan or settling pit on surface and then the mud is re-circulated to continue the drilling process.

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Dec 06

China Horizontal directional drilling(HDD) rig ,HDD Equipments,and machines manufacturer list.As a Chinese Horizontal directional drilling mud systems manufacturer.GN Solids Control people collect some best suppliers list of HDD rig to worldwide clients.

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GN Solids Control

Vemeer China VBM Company,  is Balama VBM : Vermeer Beijing Manufacture Joint venture Vermeer USA with Balama China,Specializing in manufacture and sales of vermeer horizontal directional drilling rig.

As the largest professional manufacturer of HDD (HORIZONTAL DIRECTIONAL DRILLING) rigs in China, we are able to manufacture different HDD with different capacity, from 15 tons to 450 tons. FDP-series horizontal directional drilling rigs, which are mainly used in the construction of underground pipe systems. Continue reading »

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Nov 30

GN Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) mud Cleaning and regeneration system and equipments become more and more popular,just last week,we got two orders from around clients,1 is from a HDD contractor company,and the other is from a company want to do HDD mud service.

HDD Mud Systems inquiry

hdd mud cleaning regeneration system

hdd mud cleaning regeneration system

Inquiry on 30/11/2009

GN Solids Control
Currently looking at a project where we need to run pitless directional drilling technology.
What we would like is a HDD mud system that can handle around 300GPM
Mud will be water based, and self mudding, no additives.
System to be built on skids and all drilling mud  shakers and pumps etc driven by hydraulics.
If required I can supply all the hydraulics when unit arrives in Australia.
Please quote on 4 of these systems.
Also quote on 6 mud/storage tanks with capacity of 35,000ltrs or more.
Tanks can be no wider than 2.4 mtrs and must be skid mounted.
If I could have an indicative quote by the 2nd  December  would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time and look forward to your reply,

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