Dec 28

GN Solids Control Equipment is widely used by North America and South America customers in oil & gas drilling field. GN High speed centrifuge and low speed centrifuge is also pretty popular. Recently, we dispatch one batch of centrifuge to North America and South America separately.

GN mini centrifuge for Chile, South America

Chile is a country with long coastline and the marine resources is pretty rich there, especially for oil resources. Many offshore drilling rig is under option along the coastline. We have customers from Chile who buy many sets centrifuge from us. Recently, this customer gives repeated order on GN mini centrifuge with high speed. The mini centrifuge GNLW223 with 3800rpm rotation speed is professional for waste water treatment.

GN centrifuge for barite recovery

GN big bowl centrifuge for Houston, USA, North America

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Nov 20

ADIPEC 2013, Abu Dhabi oil show is the largest oil show in Middle East area. It has a large influence in oil and gas field, especially for companies from Middle East and North Africa. This month, GN Solids Control Co., Ltd attend the show with there high speed centrifuge, GNLW363VFD. This centrifuge is the best seller in Middle East and North Africa.

high speed centrifuge

1. GN customer around the world, using GNLW363VFD.

This centrifuge has a stable working performance and also good reputation from the customer. Now it has been used in Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Lybia, Nigeria, Tunisia, Argentina, Brazil, America, India etc, over 60 countries and areas.

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Aug 23

What is Barite used for

Barite is commonly used to add weight to drilling fluid. Barite is of significance to petrophysicists because excess barite can require a correction factor in some well log measurements.

barite recycling centrifuge

barite recycling centrifuge

Barite Recycling centrifuge

GNLW452S centrifuge is an ideal choice for barite recycling centrifuge, it has been used in oilfield in Russia and middle east for barite recycling. Its max rotary speed is 2200rpm and max separation factor is 1220.

Barite recycling centrifuge is also called low speed centrifuge. Its separating factor is 500~700. To low-density solids, its separating point is 5~10μm. To high-density solids, its separating point is 4~7μm.

Barite recycling unit

High speed centrifuge’s separating factor is 1200~2100 or so, separating point is 2~5μm, it is usually connected with low speed centrifuge to make up a dual centrifuge system. In the system, barite recycling centrifuge is installed in the first phase, barite separated from it is discharged into mud tank to be recovered, liquid is drained into a surge drum first, and then be sent by a pump to high speed centrifuge; the solid separated from high speed centrifuge will be discharged out of the tank and the liquid is back to recirculation system. GNLW363VFD centrifuge can be also used for barite recycling, you can control the speed to 1500~1800rpm by variable frequency drive control panel, when you need to separate more fine solids, you can adjust the speed to 3200~3500rpm.

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Apr 13

GN exported our drilling fluids decanter centrifuge to Mexico, Except for traditional model decanter centrifuge, GNLW452S middle speed decanter centrifuge, GNLW363G high speed decanter centrifuge, We also have 4 new model drilling fluids decanter centrifuge.

drilling fluids decanter centrifuge

drilling fluids decanter centrifuge

GNLW452S is developed based on our traditional model LW450x1000, after improvement on the design and performance, now its bowl length reach 1100mm(100mm larger than previous one) ,actual treating capacity can reach 40m3/h, and max bowl speed can reach 2200rpm, with all other features of middle speed decanter centrifuge.

GNLW363G is developed from GLW355x1250 model, after improvement, the bowl diameter is 5mm larger and bowl length is 20mm larger than before. Now the actual treating capacity can reach 30m3/h, and the bowl speed can be choose by using various size pulleys. The max bowl speed it can make is 3900rpm. Different with other suppliers, GN showed the actual treating capacity( process rate) on the paper, not the nominal processing rate 40m3/h.

GN new model drilling fluids decanter centrifuge compared with MI-SWACO drilling fluids decanter centrifuge:

GNLW364VFD is similar and large than SWACO 518. The bowl size of 518 is 356 x 1422mm, the bowl size of GNLW364G is 356x1510mm, the bowl length is more than 518 centrifuge. And the centrifuge is precision-balanced for smooth operation over long periods at speed of 1800 to 3900rpm, generating centrifugal forces up to 3000G.

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Jul 01

GN solids control is in a process of design and manufacture vertical cutting dryer, we will get it into production in several months.

drilling cutting management

drilling cutting management

The first step in managing drilling wastes is to separate the solid cuttings from the liquid drilling mud. Once solid and liquid drilling wastes have been separated, companies can use a variety of technologies and practices to manage the wastes. For some applications, drilling wastes are solidified or stabilized prior to their ultimate management practice. The management technologies and practices can be grouped into three major categories: waste minimization, recycle/reuse, and disposal.

GN solids control equipments can make the first step of solids control, to clean the drilling mud and reuse for drilling rig.

If the solids collected by the shale shakers are still coated with so much mud that they are unsuitable for the next reuse or disposal step or if the used mud is valuable enough to collect as much of it as possible, the solids can be further treated with drying shakers utilizing high gravitational separation, vertical or horizontal rotary cuttings dryers, screw-type squeeze presses, or centrifuges. The cuttings dryers recover additional mud and produce dry, powdery cuttings.

Our equipments can do a series job for drilling cuttings management, firstly we use high G shaker to dry the drilling cuttings and recycle a small part of the drilling fluids for re-use. Most of the drilling cuttings are dried and transferred to vertical cutting dryer by screw conveyor. The dry the drilling cutting is, the better performance can reach by the cutting dryer.

After processed by vertical cutting dryer, the large solids are separated out, and sent to Cement Plant or brickyard or used for construction industry. The separated fluids are pumped by screw pump to a high speed centrifuge for further process. Finally the clean mud can be re-used for drilling rig or re-used to make new mud.

Following is the ways can reuse the drilling waste.

drilling waste management

drilling waste management

 l  Recycling Muds

l  Roadspreading

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Feb 11

GN developed a new Oilfield Drilling mud centrifuge LWF600x1000N, since more and more clients inquiry relatively larger centrifuge for oilfield drilling to meet various requirement.

LWF600x1000N decanter centrifuge specification

Max treating capacity: 300gpm

Oilfield Drilling mud centrifuge

Oilfield Drilling mud centrifuge

Normal treating capacity: 264gpm

Average bowl speed: 1800rpm

Bowl diameter: 23.6”

Bowl length: 39.4”

Total power: 52.5KW

Matched pump power: 5.5KW

Previous model decanter centrifuge LWF450x1000N

Max treating capacity: 264gpm

Normal treating capacity: 220gpm

Average bowl speed: 1800rpm

Bowl diameter: 17.7”

Bowl length: 39.4”

Total power: 37.5KW

Matched pump power: 5.5KW

 Compare with LW450x1000N, LW600x1000N has larger treating capacity and larger bowl, which can process more drilling fluids in one time and less drilling cost relatively. They are both middle speed decanter centrifuge, which can separate drilling fluids solids particles 5~7 μm, for some clients, it is enough for drilling fluids cleaning, but for some other clients, they need a high speed centrifuge to separate more fine solids from the drilling fluids, we will recommend GLW355x1250N or GLW-V-355X1250N. The max treating capacity is 176gpm.

 Sometimes you will encounter troubles when operate the centrifuge in oilfield, we would like to offer some suggestions for normal problems, anyway, we will have a engineer to service if complex trouble.

 1 Intense Vibration

 A Solids in the drum doesn’t clear away after last operation

  Solution: Start-up auxiliary motor to flush it by clean water and always remember to clean the bowl after using everytime

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