Jul 18

HDD means horizontal directional drilling or Directional boring, is a steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipes, conduits and cables in a shallow arc along a prescribed bore path by using a surface-launched drilling rig, with minimal impact on the surrounding area.

HDD fluids system

HDD fluids system

Drilling fluids have several important functions. They cool and lubricate the drill bit, stem and other down hole tools. The fluid also assists in sealing the sides of the bore, therefore stabilizing the borehole. Finally, drilling fluids are designed to carry the cuttings out of the hole.

The most widely used drilling fluids for HDD applications are bentonite, even if they are not so expensive compared with oilfield drilling fluids, but it is still a pollution for the environment, especially usually they dig a mud pit for HDD and pump the drilling fluids from the mud pit to shale shaker. After the directional boring, how to treat the used drilling mud become a problem.

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Jan 25

Closed loop drilling fluids system (sometimes referred to as closed mud or pitless system)are system which do not need mud pits, which can greatly reduce or eliminate the discharge of toxic drilling wastes on site.

What mud systems need mud pits?

closed loop drilling fluids system

closed loop drilling fluids system

1 HDD  mud system need mud pits, the drilling mud flow to mud pit, and the slurry pump installed into the mud pit transfer the mud to HDD mud cleaning system, and the processed mud is pumped to the rig again.

2 At a typical oil & gas drilling site, drilling fluids are circulated through the wellbore, then the fluids and drill cuttings are deposited in a reserve pit dug near well. This pit is used to hold used drilling fluids and wastes. There are many potential problems from pits — leaky liners and overflows can lead to soil and water contamination, pits can produce odors and toxic air contaminants, and pits can be a hazard for birds and wildlife.

What is closed loop drilling fluids system?

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May 25

GN solids control is one of the most professional drilling mud system manufacturer. GN offers a variety of drilling mud sytsem to fit your need in oil & gas drilling, water well drilling, horizontal directional drilling, geothermal well drilling, Coal bed methane, drilling waste management, etc. We can be your first line supplier for all of your drilling needs.

The working principle of most of drilling mud system is to separate large solids or cuttings to recycle the drilling mud. A common drilling mud system will include shale shaker, desander, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, centrifugal pump, mud gun, mud tank with accessories. Sometimes we will reduce some equipments according to the drilling mud condition.

drilling mud system

drilling mud system

What kind of drilling mud system we offer?

By transportation method:

Skid mounted mud tank system( common) and trailer mounted

By processing rate:

200gpm, 350gpm, 500gpm, 800gpm, 1000gpm, 1400gom mud system

By application:

Oil& gas drilling mud system, HDD mud system, CBM mud system, drilling waste management system

We provide technical support, layout drawing and flow process drawing, welcome to contact us for drilling mud system.


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Aug 12

World’s top 5 trenchless drilling rig manufacturers list collected by GN solids control.

As a trenchless drilling mud system manufacturer, GN has designed and manufactured many sets of complete mud cleaning/recycling system for trenchless drilling rigs, mainly used for horizontal directional drilling. Here we collect World’s top 5 trenchless drilling rig manufacturers list.

trenchless drilling Mud System

trenchless drilling Mud System

1 Vermeer (http://www2.vermeer.com/vermeer/AP/en/N/ )

2 Ditch Witch (http://www.ditchwitch.com/trenchless/directional-drills/ )

3 American Auger(http://www.americanaugers.com/ )

4 Astec Underground(http://www.astecunderground.com/)

5 Herrenknecht (http://www.herrenknecht.com/)

Vermeer and Ditch Witch are well known brand in the world.

1 Vermeer rig

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing or leasing a horizontal directional drill — features, durability, support, training and overall value. But one area often overlooked is the potential resale value of the unit.
Too often contractors will overlook the potential value of the machine after its useful life in their operation is over. In addition, as more contractors utilize leasing as an acquisition strategy, resale value becomes a more important component in the purchase decision.

Vermeer has distributor everywhere in the world, you can get good after-sales service from them easily.

To see GN solids control equipments for Vermeer trenchless rigs here:

Shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, mud tank

2 Ditch Witch

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Jul 15

Last month GN shipped 2 sets of 800gpm mud cleaner to a China Government Company for HDD project. They checked our complete mud system taken to CIPPE, and would like to request 2 sets similar one with small changes.

Now we have standard HDD mud system( mud cleaner) with standard equipments and specs for  150gpm, 350gpm, 500gpm, 800gpm, 1000gpm. Clients can make smaller changes according to his separate requirement.

800gpm mud cleaner for HDD

800gpm mud cleaner for HDD

To make some changes, such system can be used for water well drilling, coal bed methane, geothermal well drilling, diamond drilling, core drilling etc projects. So sometimes clients ask us to make a system with 2 functions( can be used for 2 different projects, and can meet the flow rate requirement for each project). So they can save cost for another set mud cleaner.

How to design the mud tank for the mud cleaner?

1 confirm type of the mud tank, trailer mounted, skid mounted or Hydraulic lift type.

2   confirm the dimension of the mud tank

  You need to consider 3aspects, 1 required storage capacity  2 transportation limit in Client’s country 3 international shipments limit, by container, by bulk cargo or by flat rack container.

3 confirm the qty of the mud tank(according to required mud storage capacity and equipments required place)

4 how many compartments for each tank( according to equipments and function of each compartment)

5 layout of the equipments on the tank

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Jul 01

GN designed a new portable mud cleaning system(trailer mounted) recently. It is user-friendly and standard mud cleaning system for 150gpm operation.

Main features of 150gpm portable mud cleaning system


hydraulic lift mud system

hydraulic lift mud system

 Compact structure, convenient for transportation and operation.

Folded for transport Dimension: LxWxH=4000x2400x3800mm, the user did not need to disassembly any equipments or parts, just fold the walkway and hand rail to the tank before transportation from one site to another. It is very convenient.

2 Separation Point:20Microns

3 Nominal Handing capacity: 100GPM.

 How do 150gpm portable mud cleaning system work?

A: 50YZ40-10 Submersible slurry pump suck mud from the mud pit and feed to GNZS85-2 Shale shaker from the backside buffer box.

B:Shale Shaker first panel fixed with API 60 screen. Fluids from the slurry pump will flow to screens for solids screening. Fluids with particles only smaller then 250microns will go to tank 1# Compartment.

C:Shale Shaker second screen panel fixed with API 120 screen. SB3×2-12 Centrifugal pump will suck fluids from 1# Compartment and feed to 2x4inch desilter cones.The dirty mud will drops down to second screen panel for drying from the cones nipple,the cleaning fluids with particles under 20microns overflow from desilter pipe to the 2# compartment.

D:2# compartment fluids with 20microns solids separated can be feed to mud pump for drilling .

New development of GN

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