May 20

Shale shaker is the first stage solids control equipment for oil & gas drilling mud system. The large volume of wearing parts on shale shaker is shaker screen. As America supplier shaker screen is very high cost, many drilling company source shaker screen from China. But some China supplier always gets complaint from end users. Why?

GN Solids Control is China leading manufacturer for solids control & drilling waste management & shaker screens. We can offer replacement screen for Derrick shale shaker, Swaco Mongoose shaker, and NOV brandt king cobra shaker. After many years experience on shaker screen, we do some conclusion on why end user complain on the screen and how to avoid this things happen or how to reduce the happening chance.

1) The end user pay less than half price but want to get almost same effect with America original shaker screen supplier.

For example, GN shaker screen may about 1/3 to 1/2 price compared with America brand. But life time and performance may about 70% to 80% compared with America brand. In this case, the customer actually has a better cost-effective result.

replacement shaker screen for Swaco Mongoose


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Mar 28

To separate easily settleable solids (eg. sand or slag ) from effluent or process water, Solids separator with screw auger is required. In order to meet requirement for this field, GN Solids develop a new kinds products solids separator with screw auger.

solids separator screw unit

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Dec 18

GN Solids Control can manufacture many kinds of shaker screen for replacement. They have control the core technology of the production. The screen model includes the replacement shaker screens for  Derrick 500/2000 PMD/PWP screen, Swaco Mongoose PT screen and also NOV Brandt king cobra shaker screen. These models are mostly popular around the world.

king cobra shaker screen

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Sep 06

Historically, Separation plants have been the bottleneck in many tunneling projects, resulting in lost time and money to the contractor. Before the start of the project, It is very important to plan ahead to have the properly sized and correct equipment in working place. Note: poor planning results in poor performance and money lost.

GN Solids can offer customized mud system matching with your TBM. Drilling mud treating capacity is from 200gpm to 1000gpm respectively. Please contact GN Solids to get proper solution for your tunneling project.

separation mud plant

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Aug 30

For world well known directional drill rig, there are Ditch Witch, American Augers, Vermeer. The three brands occupy most part of international market. For small drill, no need mud system. But for drill rig above 150gpm, a small mud recycling system can help you work more efficiency and environment friendly. For small mud system, GN Solids have 150gpm, 200gpm,250gpm, 300gpm for option. They can also customize as per the customer request.

GN mud system

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