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GN 2-WAY Flow Divider is designed to maximize the solids removal capabilities of shale shaker. It is mainly used for GNZS703 tandem shale shaker, GNZS852 triple shale shaker.

 Function of flow divider for LMSS

flow divider

flow divider

  • Ensures even distribution of liquid and solids to downstream shakers
  • Eliminates need for back tanks and shaker bypasses
  • Minimizes the effect of pitch and heave

Solids removal efficiencies are dramatically increased by the Flow divider, which distributes fluids/solids equally to multiple downstream shale shakers. Positive sealing weir gates are removable, allowing flow per selected shaker or installed omitting flow. The Flow divider eliminates the need for back tanks and shaker bypasses and minimizes the effect of pitch and heave. The unit is available in four sizes: 2,3, 4, 5, and 6 way.

How do Derrick Flow divider Work?

Mud from the flow line enters the rear of the Flow divider (1) where it contacts a baffle (2) allowing the flow to pass under and sometimes over before it flows over the weirs (3), and divides the liquid and solids equally between the desired number of shaker feed ports (4). Positive-sealing weir gates permit flow to the downstream shakers .

GN Flo-divider advantages

1 Eliminates the need for a back tank and shaker by-pass

2 Minimize the effect of pitch and heave

3 Reduce overall space requirement

4 Fit easily onto most rigs

5  It is applicable for all GN shakers

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