Jun 09

After have correct connection of hoses and electrical cables, the user need to check the rotating of pump, check the bowl rotation if it is free, check the mud in dirty tank if it is flow ability etc.  After all parts prepare well, we can start the centrifuge test.

decanter centrifuge

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Mar 09

GN has 6 units of vacu-flo degassers for sale, with electricity 440V/60HZ, 3phase, explosion proof and flame proof. It is well packaged and ready for shipment. If you have requirement on Vacu-flo degassers or vacuum degassers for your drilling mud system, pls contact GN immediately.

Technical specs of Vacu-flo degassers for sale

Vacu-flo Degassers

Vacu-flo Degassers



Main diameter










Motor power


Vacuum Power


 Rotary speed






Note: You do not need feed pump for GN vacu-flo degasser.

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