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Drilling mud cleaning system for HDD and oil well

The drilling mud cleaning system are required in oil well drilling,horizontal drilling,the mud cleaning system fuction is for preparing clean mud for drilling rig.

HDD Drilling mud system

HDD Drilling mud system

Generally,The mud cleaning system for removal of drill cuttings and recovery of drilling mud coming from an oil well, where the mud slurry may be made up essentially of barite particles having a specific gravity of 4.2 or more and a particle size mostly under 200 mesh, drill cuttings having a specific gravity of 2-3, and varying particle sizes ranging from 200 mesh to 1/2 inch or more, and water;

  • In oil well drilling, drilling mud must be supplied to the hole as the well depth progresses. One of the basic functions of drilling mud is to carry the drill cuttings up to the surface so they can be disposed of. A drilling mud in common use today is typically composed of barite and water. There may be other constituents, (such as oil) but they would exist only in small amounts or percentages. Since large quantities of drilling mud are needed in drilling an oil well, it is desirable to recover the barite, and recycle it. Various drilling mud cleaning systems are in use today for separating the drill cuttings from the slurry so that the fluid and/or barite can be recycled. Most systems use a combination of one or more screens or sieves in a series flow relationship, with a final separating step using a hydrocyclone or centrifuge. Hydrocyclones desander and decanting centrifuges are expensive pieces of equipment with high energy and maintenance costs.
  • In HDD drilling mud cleaning system,sometimes there is a single tank, closed-loop system or a multi-tank mud system is required, GN Solids Control can develop the proper system to meet specific requirements. from small HDD (hirontal directional drilling mud system) to deep oil well drilling mud system.

GN Solids Control Download list

GN Solids Control Team collected Literature of our Company.To help customers know us and our products well

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Oil well drilling equipments supplier-GN

Oil well drilling equipments supplier-GN

Oil well drilling equipments are a wide field industry,we specilize in drilling mud circulation system equipments. Such as shale shakers,mud cleaners,   Hydrocylone    desander, mud  desilters.

Now I share the history of oil well drilling history with you:

The earliest known oil wells were drilled in China in 347 CE. They had depths of up to about 800 feet (240 m) and were drilled using bits attached to bamboo poles.[1] The oil was burned to evaporate brine and produce salt. By the 10th century, extensive bamboo pipelines connected oil wells with salt springs. The ancient records of China and Japan are said to contain many allusions to the use of natural gas for lighting and heating. Petroleum was known as burning water in Japan in the 7th century.[2]

oil well drilling equiments

oil well drilling equiments

the Middle East’s petroleum industry was established by the 8th century, when the streets of the newly constructed Baghdad were paved with tar, derived from petroleum that became accessible from natural fields in the region. Petroleum was distilled by the Persian alchemist Muhammad ibn Zakarīya Rāzi (Rhazes) in the 9th century, producing chemicals such as kerosene in the alembic (al-ambiq),[3] and which was mainly used for kerosene lamps.[4] Arab and Persian chemists also distilled crude oil in order to produce flammable products for military purposes. Through Islamic Spain, distillation became available in Western Europe by the 12th century.

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Want drilling mud treatment disposal equipments agent

We are looking drilling mud treatment,disposal equipments agent

To promote our drilling mud treatment and disposal equipments,we are looking for agents around world.This way we will also offer better local service to our international drilling mud treatment equipments customer.

Contact now:GN solids Control

drilling fluids disposal

drilling fluids disposal

Thanks for your interst in our drilling mud treatment equipments.

Our equipments and systems are widely used in oil gas drilling fluids mud disposal and treatment.

We are very interested in your proposition,and actually as you know,the drilling mud treatment equipments and systems are big deals,we do need local people to help us communicate with our international customers.And from your introduction of your company,we see you would be good at marketing our products in Syria.That would be great.

But you know,we need to understand each other better,so we recommend we do one regular deal first.,after that it would be the right time for us to get into agent,or sole agent in your country.

Our products including whole series of solids control equipments:

Drilling fluids treatment system, Shale Shaker, Mud cleaner, Hydrocyclone(Desander & Desilter),Decanting Centrifuge,Vacuum degasser,Sand pump,Gas-liquid Separator,Jet Mud Mixer,Mud Agitator, Shear Pump,Submersible slurry pump, Electric Ignition Device ,Mud Gun, Mud Tank,Mixed-hopper, series solid control equipment and the drilling fluid circulation system for oil gas drilling, the products are widely used in petroleum oil and gas exploration industry, no-dig engineering, geotechnical engineering, mine, metallurgy, coal, hydropower and many other industries.GN solids control products can be used in both onshore and offshore oilfield project.

For further info,pls let us know.And we are looking forward to our progress.

Awaiting your comments.And looking forward to getting into drilling mud treatment equipments business.


Be agent of China manufa

China Vacuum Degasser manufacturer

GN Solids Control is a vacuum degasser manufacturer from China.

Buy are see specifications : Vacuum Degasser

vacuum degasser

vacuum degasser

the vacuum degasser is a special device used to process gas-trapped fluid commonly found in drilling operations in the oil field. This device is the latest degasser developed by our company, suitable for all kinds of mud cleaning system. It helps to recover the mud density and stabilize the mud viscosity, thus reducing the drilling cost. At the same time, if there are no gas bubbles in the mud, this device can be used alternatively as a large capacity stirring device.

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solids control equipments system sole(exclusive) agent

GN solids control want to find sole (exclusive) agent for our system and equipments.

I talked with gn solids control  team today.We are very glad to find  exclusive agent (sole agent) for our solids control system and products around the world.
But firstly,you purchase one solids control system from us firstly to make us understand each other well.If it goes well,then we can get into sole agent contract.
At present,if you need the draft contract of sole agent in your country.we can prepare one for you.But we sign a formal one when it is the right time to get into solids control equipments and system sole agent.

GN Solids Control

GN Solids Control

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