Sep 04

This post shares a discussion Linear motion shale shaker vs Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

Shale shaker survey inquiry from England are doing a survey on behalf of a large drilling contractor, looking at a comparison of different shale shaker systems.

Linear motion shale shaker

Linear motion shale shaker

Could you please email me details on the price of your different shale shaker models, their footprints, mud capacity (L/min),

Many thanks,

Then we quoted all types of our linear motion shale shakers.

Below is customers’ reply:

Thanks for your reply and quotes.

I have a few further queries that my client would be interested in:

1.       Could you please give me rental rates for your shale shaker systems.

2.       You have only quoted for linear motion shale shaker.  Do you have elliptical motion shale shakers in your portfolio.

a.       What is cost of elliptical shale shakers

b.      What is rental rate for elliptical shale shakers.

Many thanks,


Our reply:

Thanks for your reply.

1. Could you please give me rental rates for your shaker systems.
Sorry,we never do shale shaker rental biz before,so we have no idea about it.We sell a lot of shale shakers,and other drilling mud solids control equipment all around the world.

2.You have only quoted for linear motion shakers.  Do you have elliptical motion shakers in your portfolio.
The elliptical motion shakers has been eliminated since linear motion shaker is much more efficiency.

For any further info.,pls be free to let us know.We will provide you the most efficient shale shakers,and mud cleaner.


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Sep 02

We just recieved inquiry for decanter centrifuge,high speed variable decanting centrifuge.
Original inquiry for centrifuges:

We are looking for the supplier who is able to offer the decanter centrifuge for use in the drilling rig (solid control) (total 1 unit) with following spec

High speed decanter centrifuge

High speed decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge requirements

Capacity: 150 GPM
Rotation (bowl) speed: 1600 – 3300 rpm (variable)
Back drive: (-18 to +85 rpm)
Rotating assembly is made of stainless steel
Screw is coated with tungsten carbide
Motor control units (2 units with explosion proof, outdoor use, and spark prevention)
Cut point : 2 – 12 micron
Able to work with water base mud system and oil base mud system

We had looked into your website and supposed that the LWF450x1000N decanting centrifuge is the model which may be equivalent to our needs. To-be-confirmed technical specs are back drive (less and more than bowl speed level), tungsten carbide etc.

Appreciated you response and looking forward to hearing from you (offer and technical specs in details.)

We then offered our GLW355-1250 N High Speed Frequency Converter Decanter Centrifuge

We manufacture solids control equipments and decanter centrifuge is our main equipments as well as mud cleaners.

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Aug 16

Thanks for your info. about your needs for drilling fluids  system and submersible slurry pump

,now we are clear about your requirements.

We enclosed two directional drilling mud  system we ever manufactured for our customer and the quotation for your models.

drilling fluids system

drilling fluids system

About the Submersible slurry pump,from your system conditions,we recommend a new model of our company to you.It has higher flow but low power.

2,About the mud Cleaner,your current one doesn’t work properly  is probably because the parts of the whole system doesn’t integrated well.The sand pumps, the submersible slurry pump,the hydrocyclone and the linear motion shale shaker should intergrate according to the whole system treating capacity.

From your 4×3 sand pump,we know your treating capacity,and our design for you is a well integrated one.We have ever designed many complex for systems for drilling.Our technology are real projects proved.We insist on providing customer customized cost-effective solutions.

For any further info. Pls let us know.

Awaiting for your soon reply.We will try our best to supply you the best drilling mud system and submersible slurry pump.

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