Apr 14

Oilfield drilling policy in Latin American

 1 Brazil

Brazilian oil deposits below a layer of salt in the Atlantic Ocean hold at least 123 billion barrels of reserves, more than double government estimates, according to a university study by a former Petroleo Brasileiro SA geologist.

oilfield drilling equipments

oilfield drilling equipments

 2 ColombiaColombia is currently one of the friendliest South American countries in terms of oil and gas regulations and royalties.

 In 2003, Colombia’s National Agency for Hydrocarbons (ANH) created a new energy policy, the state-owned hydrocarbon company, to compete with other oil and gas companies for exploration and production contracts.The new policy also allows private companies such benefits as 100% ownership upon exploration success.

 3 Ecuador

Ecuador produces more oil than it needs for domestic consumption and thus it is one of the country’s leading exports. Therefore, any new drilling for oil is not intended to meet local demand but is intended for export overseas, most likely to Japan and the United States.  Beneath the surface in eastern Ecuador and within the Amazon rain forest, are large amounts of oil.  Critics warn that the habitat could suffer either through the direct spilling of product and soil contamination or through the opening of the area to the outside through the building of roads.

 Due to the drilling activities in Latin American, environment protection should be on the way right now. A plenty of drilling mud recycling system and drilling waste treatment system are urgently demand.

 GN solids control provide various of drilling equipments and drilling mud recycling system for oilfield.

Advantages of using drilling mud equipments in oilfield

1 recycling drilling mud to used for drilling rig, it can save considerable drilling cost

2 Environment protection

 After treated by drilling mud equipments, the solids can be trucked away, some are used for construction landfill, some are used to Brick production

3 recycling barite

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May 28

We list top China Drilling Mud Pump Manufacturer as our drilling rig mud system buyers always ask GN Solids Control to give them rig mud system package solutions.Our major clients are looking for OIL Gas Drilling & Horizontal directional drilling mud system and mud pumps.

GN Drilling mud Equipments
The Top Triplex Mud Pumps Manufacturers are:
1,Bomco Mud Pump(Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co.,Ltd),which is world famous.(High Price,Top Quality,mainly for Oil Gas Drilling)

Triplex Mud Pump

Triplex Mud Pump

2, Lanzhou LS-National Oilwell Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd
Joint Venture With USA(NOV,National Oilwell Varco).(High Price,Top Quality,Only big mud pumps,mainly for oil gas drilling)

The Medium Mud Pump manufacturers are:
1)Qingzhou Petroleum Machinery Factory CO.,LTD
Qingzhou Petroleum Machinery Factory Co., Ltd (former Qingzhou water Pump works), built in 1966, taking up 200,000 square meters field area, 110,000 square meters built-up area, with general assets of 150 million yuan, enterprise staff of 1100 people, professional and technical personnel of 170 people, and annual output of 350, is one of the three largest manufacturers of oil drilling mud pump and its accessories. The product covers various large oil fields all over the country with the home market occupation ratio reaching more than 50%, and export USA, Canada, Middle East and the former Soviet Union area. The company passed ISO9001 quality system certification in 1997 and has produced strictly according to international API Standard. Now it has become the first class networks supplier for petroleum, goods and materials to Petroleum and Gas Group Company of China. Continue reading »

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