Jun 29

GN solids control provide solution for oilfield drilling waste disposal.

Oil and gas wells cannot be drilled without creating waste. However, with good waste management practices, the amount of waste can be reduced. By far, the greatest volume of waste generated in the drilling process is drilled cuttings. The first step is to use good solids control equipment, such as the GN linear motion shale shaker, mud cleaner, and decanter centrifuges.

When operated properly, the solids control equipment removes drilled solids from the mud, maintaining the rheology and thereby decreasing the need for dilution. Good solids control equipmentoperated properly also yields drier solids. Both decreased dilution and drier solids reduces waste and increase profits for the operator.

Vertical cutting dryer

Vertical cutting dryer

The second step is to use good drilling waste treatment equipments, like GN hi-G shaker or vertical cutting dryer, big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge, drilling waste collection box, dewatering unit etc. NOV Brandt called vertical cutting dryer “Vortex dryer”, there is also horizontal dryer.

NOV Brandt vortex dryer V.S. GN CD930 cutting dryer Continue reading »

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Aug 12

We are looking drilling mud treatment,disposal equipments agent

To promote our drilling mud treatment and disposal equipments,we are looking for agents around world.This way we will also offer better local service to our international drilling mud treatment equipments customer.

Contact now:GN solids Control

drilling fluids disposal

drilling fluids disposal

Thanks for your interst in our drilling mud treatment equipments.

Our equipments and systems are widely used in oil gas drilling fluids mud disposal and treatment.

We are very interested in your proposition,and actually as you know,the drilling mud treatment equipments and systems are big deals,we do need local people to help us communicate with our international customers.And from your introduction of your company,we see you would be good at marketing our products in Syria.That would be great.

But you know,we need to understand each other better,so we recommend we do one regular deal first.,after that it would be the right time for us to get into agent,or sole agent in your country.

Our products including whole series of solids control equipments:

Drilling fluids treatment system, Shale Shaker, Mud cleaner, Hydrocyclone(Desander & Desilter),Decanting Centrifuge,Vacuum degasser,Sand pump,Gas-liquid Separator,Jet Mud Mixer,Mud Agitator, Shear Pump,Submersible slurry pump, Electric Ignition Device ,Mud Gun, Mud Tank,Mixed-hopper, series solid control equipment and the drilling fluid circulation system for oil gas drilling, the products are widely used in petroleum oil and gas exploration industry, no-dig engineering, geotechnical engineering, mine, metallurgy, coal, hydropower and many other industries.GN solids control products can be used in both onshore and offshore oilfield project.

For further info,pls let us know.And we are looking forward to our progress.

Awaiting your comments.And looking forward to getting into drilling mud treatment equipments business.


Be agent of China manufa

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Aug 02

GN solids control search some info. from internet and share with people who are in oilfield industry.By the way,we are a China manufacturer of solids control drilling mud circulation system.We provide the whole series of solids control equipments.

Solids control system history

Drilling fluid maintenance cost, clean up & disposal cost as well as the over all cost of boring, can be reduced dramatically when proper solids control techniques are utilized. These facts were recognized in the oil industry in the
late 1800’s. When open earthen pits we used to separate the cuttings from the borehole. This was accomplished by a series of weirs and settling pits that allowed the solids to naturally settle out by using gravity. The clean mud
then flowed into a suction pit to be re-pumped down hole. This was the first solids control technique ever used. Continue reading »

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