Aug 30

Now we find more and more customers do solids control rental service.To help this kind of customer.
GN international sales team also sell equipments to contracters who do rental serive for their local customer on a daily, monthly or contract basis.And GN Solids Control offer you technical help for your contractor customer.Smooth your way for solids control rentals Please feel free to contact us with your equipment and technical consultant,and get started with your solids control business

Mud circulation system for drilling

Mud circulation system for drilling

GN Solids Control are striving to provide solids control and fluid processing equipment to a number of Industries including, Oil /Gas Drilling and Exploration, Industrial effluent waste and livestock waste processing. Our goal is to provide the equipment necessary for the removal or recovery of coarse to fine solids.

Vacuum Degassers
We offer complete tear down and refurbishing of Drilco type atmospheric de-gassers and vertical or horizontal vacuum degasser, from pump/motor repair, impeller replacement, shaft build up and machining, tub replacement to bearing and motor repair.

Shale Shakers
Many types of shaker repair and refurbishment are offered, from single/dual tandem standard to linear motion, from single panel screen deck to 3 panel screen deck, Basket crown repair, resizing tension bolt holes, replacing mounting springs, shock mounts, motor/bearing and pre-tension deck assemblies.

Other Equipments for Solids control system rental:

Hydrocyclone separator

Mud Cleaner

Decanter Centrifuge

Centrifugal pump

Mud Tank Equipments

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Aug 06

Mechanical Treatment for drilling fluids solids

The present solids control system use Mechanical Treatment for drilling fluids solids

Buy  Solids control Equipments from China manufacturer.

This is the method of mechanically removing solids using shale shakers or hydrocyclone devices such as; desanders and desilters. Each piece of equipment is general limited to the following range of particle removal:
1.    Standard shale shaker – 440 microns or larger (also referred to as the scalping shaker)
2.    Fine screen shaker – 74 microns or larger
3.    Desanders – 100 microns & larger
4.   Desilter – 15 microns & larger Continue reading »

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Aug 04

Drilling fluids circulaion system is also Called solids control system,Drilling fluids processing system.GN is a China based drilling fluids Drilling fluids circulation system manufacturer

Drilling fluid is classified as water base utilizing water as the liquid phase. The solid phase of any drilling fluid is either commercial solids or drilled solids. Most commercial solids such as bentonite have a relative particle size of less than one micron. (.000039 inches).

Drilled solids are those particles that enter the mud system in the form of cuttings from the bit or back reamer or from borehole debris. These solids vary in size from less than one micron & larger depending on the carrying capabilities of the drilling fluid. Note that spindle speed and the amount of push or pull force require to drill play an important factor on the particle size of the cuttings. Continue reading »

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