Feb 15

OTC oil show is coming in May, 2017. GN Solids will attend the show as usual. With base in Houston, GN Solids can prepare the show equipment in GN Solids America warehouse, and transport to the show hall very convenient.

2017 GN OTC

1) GN Solids America

GN Solids America is branch company of GN Solids Control in Houston, US. GN Solids America already working for over 4years; and the clients from North America, South America and Latin America can come to GN facility to check the real product and talk with our sales engineers there face to face, to know more about GN Solids America.

Except for GN Solids America, we have also GN Solids Russia in Moscow, and many partners in different countries to serve the oil drilling market.

2) What GN equipment will be shown for OTC ?

The latest model shale shaker, the shaker is replacement shaker to Swaco Mongoose, with 4 panel composite material shaker screen; popular used for oil drilling mud system.

Hydraulic decanter centrifuge, the decanter centrifuge is 14inch bowl centrifuge, equivalent to Swaco 518 hydraulic centrifuge or Derrick DE1000 hydraulic centrifuge. Similar bowl size, similar treating capacity, and similar driven type

Vertical cuttings dryer, the cuttings dryer is the 5th generation dryer which have been improved based on former model, much more reliable performance and composition parts with better lifetime.

Shaker screen: the popular shaker screen model will be taken to the show, eg. Replacement screen for Derrick shakers, replacement screen for Mongoose shakers, etc.

3) The booth Number of GN Solids America

  • No.1 Booth.: NRG  Center 1369-6
  • No.2 Booth: Arena 8834

Before OTC, CIPPE is also around the corner, just in March, Beijing, China. CIPPE is very close to GN factory, and we will freight large bowl centrifuge and other items for show. Hopefully, we can have many clients coming to talk with GN Sales People. Get GN booth number in CIPPE, pls check from GN website.

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Mar 09

GN Solids Control is attending CIPPE 2016 Beijing oil show at 29 to 31, March. We welcome clients from overseas to visit GN booth and talk more business cooperation. If client miss CIPPE oil show, we also have OTC USA oil show in May and Iran oil show in May. The client can also visit GN boot in USA or Iran which is close to client. The equipment is almost same, we will take the high technology solids control equipment to the exhibition and show the good product and talk more business with clients from different countries.

gn-cippe-2015 2



 1) Decanter centrifuge
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Mar 23

Here share some new photos taken at CIPPE 2013( the largest petroleum show in Asia), which is held in Beijing at New China International Exhibition Center.

GN at CIPPE 2013

GN at CIPPE 2013

We take a lot of new equipments there, mainly divided into 3 sections:

1) 1 set of complete 500gpm trailer mounted mud system) for HDD( horizontal directional drilling)

2)1 set of drilling waste management system( trailer mounted) for drilling cuttings treatment

3)22inch big bowl big volume centrifuge GNLW553G

4) Mini mud cleaner (desander cone only),shaker screens

They include all GN main applications, HDD& CBM, oil & gas drilling solids control & drilling waste management. Generally speaking, the oil show is successful. Most solids control manufactures in China & in USA shared their new developed equipments. For example, trailer mounted mud system, Flocculation unit, Continue reading »

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Feb 17

Directional boring has evolved steadily over the last 20 years and is now the preferred method on many installations due to its low cost and low impact on surroundings.

GN solids control will ship a complete directional boring mud recycling system to Brazil for application. The directional boring equipments we produce including HDD mud system, shale shaker, mini mud cleaner, desander, mixing pump, jet mud mixer, etc.

directional boring mud system

directional boring mud system

Directional boring, commonly called horizontal directional drilling or HDD, is a method of installing underground pipes and conduits along a prescribed bore path from the surface, with minimal impact to the surrounding area.

GN direction boring equipments application

The process is used for installing telecommunications & power cable conduits, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, oil lines, product pipelines and environmental remediation casings. It is used for crossing waterways, roadways, shore approaches, congested areas, environmentally sensitive areas and any area where other methods are more expensive.

They have been used in Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, France, Singapore, application including HDD, diamond drilling, water well drilling. Our directional boring equipments have been showed in Australia no-dig show, and it is approved by many HDD operators. We will take another set of HDD mud cleaning system in CIPPE ( world’s largest oil show) held in Beijing, if you want to check its performance, pls visit us in CIPPE.

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Feb 10

GN new designed BEM mini mud cleaner, it is special for small handling capacity mud system, such as HDD(horizontal directional drilling), water well drilling, desanding unit and small workover rig mud tank system.

GN BEM mini mud cleaner GNPJ752 Features:

mini mud cleaner

mini mud cleaner

1 with 2 panel shaker screens at API 60~80 mesh size, total screen area 1.35m2

2 vibration motion: BEM( balanced elliptical motion), which is the lastest technology, BEM shaker’s treating effect is better than traditional linear motion shaker.

3 With 4” desilter cone to separate 20 microns solids, cone qty is optional, 4pcs, 6pcs, 8pcs, 12pcs, depends on the handling capacity you required.

Or with 10” desander cone to separate 75 microns solids, cone qty is optional, 1pc or 2pcs, depends on treating capacity.

4 2ea Italy Oli vibration motor 0.7HP

5 Pretentioned shaker screens are locked by wedge, which is very convenient to replace shaker screen

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Jul 15

Last month GN shipped 2 sets of 800gpm mud cleaner to a China Government Company for HDD project. They checked our complete mud system taken to CIPPE, and would like to request 2 sets similar one with small changes.

Now we have standard HDD mud system( mud cleaner) with standard equipments and specs for  150gpm, 350gpm, 500gpm, 800gpm, 1000gpm. Clients can make smaller changes according to his separate requirement.

800gpm mud cleaner for HDD

800gpm mud cleaner for HDD

To make some changes, such system can be used for water well drilling, coal bed methane, geothermal well drilling, diamond drilling, core drilling etc projects. So sometimes clients ask us to make a system with 2 functions( can be used for 2 different projects, and can meet the flow rate requirement for each project). So they can save cost for another set mud cleaner.

How to design the mud tank for the mud cleaner?

1 confirm type of the mud tank, trailer mounted, skid mounted or Hydraulic lift type.

2   confirm the dimension of the mud tank

  You need to consider 3aspects, 1 required storage capacity  2 transportation limit in Client’s country 3 international shipments limit, by container, by bulk cargo or by flat rack container.

3 confirm the qty of the mud tank(according to required mud storage capacity and equipments required place)

4 how many compartments for each tank( according to equipments and function of each compartment)

5 layout of the equipments on the tank

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Apr 01

Last week GN solids control attend 11th CIPPE held in Beijing on 22th, March. To some extent, it is a successful oil show, Many professional manufacturers of drilling rig, drilling tools, drilling fluids solids control system/mud circulation system, and accessories, etc in China attend the fair.

 Although GN booth is not located in visible place of the exhibition center, we also have a lot of esteemed clients here.

GN mud circulation system

GN mud circulation system

 What is the features of GN mud circulation system?

1 It consists of GN new designed BEM shaker, GNZJ703 mud cleaner, LW450x1000N decanter centrifuge, mixing hopper and mixing pump, the complete electric control panel and tank accessories( stairs, handrails, slide walkways, mud pipeline, clean gate, etc)

 2 Process of GN mud circulation system

  First, drilling mud is flowed into the buffer box of the shale shaker through mud divided equipments, then entered the 2 sets of BEM shale shaker, after treated drilling mud flowed into shaker compartment, which is sand trap designed.

  #1 centrifugal pump feeds the mud from shaker compartment to desander cone of mud cleaner, then the clean mud droped into desander compartment;

  #2 centrifugal pump feeds the mud from desander compartment to desilter cone, then the clean mud droped into desilter compartment.

   The submersible slurry pump feeds the mud from desilter compartment to the centrifuge, to separate solids particle size 2~5μm. Now the clean mud can be used directly for drilling through pipelines, or weighten by mixing hopper. After weighten drilling fluids, they can be recycled and re-used in the drilling operations.

 3 Features of main equipments of mud circulation system

  3.1 GN BEM shaker features

1 adopts ANSYS limited element analysis

2 Adopt SS304 or Q345 high strength alloy material

3 Heat treatment on complete shaker deck

4 shaker surface is coated with heavy anticorrosive paint

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Mar 09

We’d Like to Invite you See GN Solids Controlat following exhibition:

  • Exhibition name:The 10th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition(CIPPE)

    Patent Shale Shaker

    Patent Shale Shaker

  • Exhibition Period:March 22-24,2010
  • Exhibition Address: New China International Exhibition Center (Beijing,City)
  • Our Booth No.: E2775

GN Will Bring Lastest Patent Shale Shaker And All Main Solids Control Equipments To the Exhibition.

Solids Control Specialist
* Oil & Gas Drilling Mud Equipments

* HDD Mud Recycling System

* Slurry Separation And More

About 10th,CIPPE

  • One of the top 4 petroleum exhibition in the world
  • 12 International pavilions / cippe,with 65,000 exhibit space
  • 1,200 exhibitors / The professional visitors reach 40,000

Learn more:http://www.cippe.com.cn/cippeen/

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