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Repairing an oil well sometimes requires a workover. It is commonly called by several names such as completion rig, workover rig, or pulling unit.

 Function of workover rig 

workover rig equipments and material

workover rig equipments and material

In many cases, workover implies the removal and replacement of the production tubing string after the well has been killed and a workover rig has been placed on location. Through-tubing workover operations, using coiled tubing, snubbing or slickline equipment, are routinely conducted to complete treatments or well service activities that avoid a full workover where the tubing is removed. This operation saves considerable time and expense.

 Companies that supply this type of equipment are Key Energy Services, Pool Workover Services, and Basic Well Services.

 Of all the problems that can occur during production, three stand out the most: equipment failure, wellbore problems, and saltwater disposal.


 Sanding, formation damage, paraffin accumulation, oil-water emulsions, and corrosion are common wellbore problems.

 GN workover rig solids control system is mainly used for sanding problem. The system can separate large particles sand from the drilling fluids so the drilling mud can be recycled for drilling and “kill”the well. The working principle is to clean the drilling mud by 4 phase cleaning, they are shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge. But usually for workover operation, sometimes you can use a shale shaker and centrifuge only, because the sand size is not so large, but it needs to separate finer particles than oil& gas drilling.

 Sanding Problem

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Jan 07

Hole Openers are used for expanding the drilled hole,it is a kind of drilling rig tools. There are many good suppliers and manufacturer of hole opener in China, with  good quality and competitive price. Some of the manufacturer produced hole opener according to API standard.

 Function of Hole opener

 1. When drilling of the big hole is not possible because of the rig capacity.

2. When a satisfied penetration rate is not obtained in case of the big hole drilling, it is used after drilling with smaller bit.

3. When the hole direction most be controlled.

 Cutters of Hole opener

Several types of the cutter are

hole opener

hole opener

 made available for various formations to be drilled, such as soft, medium and medium hard formations. Type SM for soft to medium formation,type MH for medium to hard formation and type XH for hard formation. For soft to medium and abrasive hard formations, the cutters with tungsten carbide tips are also available.

 Fixed Diameter Hole Opener

 Fixed Diameter Hole Opener is used to enlarge a hole or connected with a bit on front end to drill pilot hole and enlarge hole. Fixed Diameter Hole Opener is a general hole enlarging tool and is designed for enlarging holes onshore and offshore in oilfield during drilling. It is made of tough heat treated alloy steel for maximum strength. Cutter arms, equipped with removable cutter, are hardfaced and welded on body. The hole openers have three or six jet tubes with replaceable nozzles,so that jet streams quickly clean the enlarged hole.

 How to inquiry or order the hole opener in China?

You need to advice the following information.

1 Hole size

2 Pilot hole size

3 Top and bottom connections

4 Fishing neck and bottom neck length and OD.

5 Types of cutters (SM, MH, XH)

Hole opener manufacturer in China

1 Lilin Group, loaded in Tianjin city.

LILIN is the largest manufacturer of downhole drilling motor in Asia area. also famous manufacturer of drill bits in china. The company most significant value is our leading edge technolog ies and engineers that continually innovate and create update product to apply our technology to drilling situations.

2 Kingdream Public Limited Company located in Wuhan city

To know more about hole opener manufacturer in China or other drilling rig tools manufactures, pls contact GN solids control.

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