Jul 05

There are two kinds of degasser in oil gas drilling solids control equipments, one is vacuum degasser i.e. centrifugal degasser, the other is mud gas separation i.e. poor boy degasser.

The centrifuge degasser works using the principal of centrifugal force to separate gas from drilling mud. The device passes a gas-cut material throough a centrifugal force field to accomplish the degassing. The degasser contemplates the slurry flowing through the degasser by entering it through the top and flowing downward or entering from the bottom and flowing upward. In either case the slurry moves through the force field to accelerate gravity settling of the continuous phase of the flowable material and to accelerate buoyant force gas bubble rising time.centrifugal degasser

ZCQ Degassers provide effective degassing with high throughput by means of a unique centrifugal Vacuum design.

ZCQ Degassers are capable of handling high viscosity 20 pound mud with a 50% gas cut. They can draw up to 800 gpm and discharge as much as 400 gpm.

The ZCQ Degassing system is totally selfcontained on one skid. No auxiliary pump is required. Both suction and discharge are powered by a built-in Electric motor. Continue reading »

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