Jul 20

Once a client asked a very interesting question. If we add Solids control equipment system ( Shale shaker,mud cleaner & vacuum degaser ) to the centrifugal decanter separator what will be the advantages ,or we can utilize only the decanter?
Briefly answer this question: Drilling mud with drilling cutting is very complicated. So we need a system to deal with different solids.
The equipments before decanter is used to separate the solids bigger than 7μm,maybe you can only use decanter, but I should say it is a precision instrument, and it is tender. A system is needed to keep each equipment work in his own role, and prolong each one’s life.

The Separation Size of Every Phase of Solids Control Equipment:

Equipment Shale Shaker Desander Desilter Decanter
Separation Size >76 47-76 15-47 2-7

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