Jun 08

Which one is the core facility of drilling fluids system, we all may think about shale shaker, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, or decanting centrifuge. And I should also say no. Then I will tell you the answer, the VALVE, this is one facility which control all the equipment to make them work or not. Drilling Fluid Valve must met the demand for heavy duty replaceable seats -with that and only with that we changed everything. Production expectations were raised. Drilling fluid systems functioned more efficiently and effectively.

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Submersible slurry pump and butterfly valve to Beijing

So we all will concern one question, the drilling mud valve manufacturer, I list some of the mud vavle manufacturers here, and may that help you all. Continue reading »

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Dec 19

As mud system manufacturer,GN also supply centrifugal pumps and butterfly valves.Below is American clients inquiry for centrifugal pump and butterfly valves.
Please quote following centrifugal pump/valves for mud system.
1) Centrifugal pump 8″ suctionx 6″discharge line with 12″ Impeller and mechanical seals for hopper and supercharger of mud pump:- Quantity 10 Nos.
2) Centrifugal pump 8″ suction x 6″ discharge line with 14″ Impeller and mechanical seals for mud tank hopper:- Quantity 6 Nos.

butterfly valves

butterfly valves

3) Centrifugal pump 3″ suction and 2″ discharge with 14″ Impeller with mechanical seals for water tank:- Quantity 10 nos
4) Butterfly Valve 150 class 10″ with lugged type lever operated:-40 Nos
5) Butterfly Valve 150 class 8″’ with lugged type lever operated:-80 Nos
6) Butterfly Valve 150 class 6″ with lugged type lever operated:-120 Nos7) Butter fly Valve 150 class 3″ with lugged type lever operated:-48 Nos
Contact us to get the right model Centrifugal pump and Butter fly Valve for your drilling mud system.

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