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BEM Mini Mud cleaner GNPJ752

GN new designed BEM mini mud cleaner, it is special for small handling capacity mud system, such as HDD(horizontal directional drilling), water well drilling, desanding unit and small workover rig mud tank system.

GN BEM mini mud cleaner GNPJ752 Features:

mini mud cleaner

mini mud cleaner

1 with 2 panel shaker screens at API 60~80 mesh size, total screen area 1.35m2

2 vibration motion: BEM( balanced elliptical motion), which is the lastest technology, BEM shaker’s treating effect is better than traditional linear motion shaker.

3 With 4” desilter cone to separate 20 microns solids, cone qty is optional, 4pcs, 6pcs, 8pcs, 12pcs, depends on the handling capacity you required.

Or with 10” desander cone to separate 75 microns solids, cone qty is optional, 1pc or 2pcs, depends on treating capacity.

4 2ea Italy Oli vibration motor 0.7HP

5 Pretentioned shaker screens are locked by wedge, which is very convenient to replace shaker screen

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4 panel shale shaker for sale

GN new designed GNZS63-4 shale shaker is mainly used for drilling fluids separation for oilfiled drilling.

GNZS63-4 shale shaker

GNZS63-4 shale shaker

What consist of GNZS63-4 shale shaker?

Deck adjustment, vibration motor, shaker deck, base frame, support, baffle box, explosion proof starter, shaker screen, wedge plate, torsional spring ,etc.

Feature of GNZS63-4 shale shaker

(1). Adopt two sets same vibration motor take advantage of double motor in-phase principle, shaker deck makes linear motion vibration at 45°sling angle, some spare parts are interchangeable with other brand shale shaker

(2). Adopts high quality reliable vibration motor provides long time operation without any problem.

(3). Shaker screen can be flat type or pyramid one. According to drilling mud property the screen can be 10~200mesh

(4) Shaker screen will be tensioned by wedge plate, this is more convenient and easy for operation it is very reliable

(5) Shaker deck is adjustable, the adjustment is worm wheel and screw type. Beside shaker deck two sides middle shaft is connecting two worm, when we make adjustment the shaker deck will be consistent and in-phase

(6) The complete shaker body will be treated by sand-blast, paint it by anticorrosive painting so it is more anti-corrosive and better appearance.

Specs of GNZS63-4 shale shaker

1 Vibrating motor: 2 x1.94KW

2 Screen Area: 3.15㎡(33.9 sq ft)

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Mud circulation system

Last week GN solids control attend 11th CIPPE held in Beijing on 22th, March. To some extent, it is a successful oil show, Many professional manufacturers of drilling rig, drilling tools, drilling fluids solids control system/mud circulation system, and accessories, etc in China attend the fair.

 Although GN booth is not located in visible place of the exhibition center, we also have a lot of esteemed clients here.

GN mud circulation system

GN mud circulation system

 What is the features of GN mud circulation system?

1 It consists of GN new designed BEM shaker, GNZJ703 mud cleaner, LW450x1000N decanter centrifuge, mixing hopper and mixing pump, the complete electric control panel and tank accessories( stairs, handrails, slide walkways, mud pipeline, clean gate, etc)

 2 Process of GN mud circulation system

  First, drilling mud is flowed into the buffer box of the shale shaker through mud divided equipments, then entered the 2 sets of BEM shale shaker, after treated drilling mud flowed into shaker compartment, which is sand trap designed.

  #1 centrifugal pump feeds the mud from shaker compartment to desander cone of mud cleaner, then the clean mud droped into desander compartment;

  #2 centrifugal pump feeds the mud from desander compartment to desilter cone, then the clean mud droped into desilter compartment.

   The submersible slurry pump feeds the mud from desilter compartment to the centrifuge, to separate solids particle size 2~5μm. Now the clean mud can be used directly for drilling through pipelines, or weighten by mixing hopper. After weighten drilling fluids, they can be recycled and re-used in the drilling operations.

 3 Features of main equipments of mud circulation system

  3.1 GN BEM shaker features

1 adopts ANSYS limited element analysis

2 Adopt SS304 or Q345 high strength alloy material

3 Heat treatment on complete shaker deck

4 shaker surface is coated with heavy anticorrosive paint

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GN patent linear motion shale shaker

GN designed a new patent linear motion shale shaker, GNZS70-3B. It is designed to replace the previous model GNZS70-3 shale shaker, which is found not so economic and practical before.

 Specification of GNZS70-3B shale shaker

1 Vibrating mode: Linear motion

2 Single deck shaker with 3 screen panels

shale shaker

shale shaker

3 Quick lock( wedge technology operation), which enables screen panel replacement in less than one minute. In drilling site operation, time is more important than money, so easy operation of screen replacement is necessary. It enables for an easy ratchet-type installation of the wedges, which eliminates hammer damage to the screens, as well as the paint on the sidewall of the shaker basket. You do not need any tensioning bolts or system, which can provide a small parts inventory, thus enabling cost savings to be realized.

4 Adjustable while drilling (AWD) mechanism enable faster and easier deck angle changes., adjusment from1 degree down hill to .5 degree up hill.

5 Weir height: Until now we still can not provide operational weir height, the weir height of previous model is 900mm, and for the new designed model is 750mm.

6 Available screen types, PWP(flat panel) and PMD(pyramid screen)

7 Available screen area: 29.6m2

8 Feeding method: optional from back or from top tank

9 Treating capacity: 600gpm

10 Vibrating motor: Italy Oli brand vibrating motor, explosion proof, 220V/380V 50HZ or 230V/460V, 60HZ, 3phase, protection class IP55.

11 With standard screen underflow sump

12 High G force, max 7.5G, and it is adjustable

13 All the link bolts are SS304 material

14 ISO and API certified

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Design & operation of API Standard shale shaker

GN designed some new models shale shaker in 2011, all of them are BEM shaker with 3 screen panel, the shaker screen dimension is larger than Derrick FLC 500 & 2000 series shaker, even 3 panel screen area is larger than Derrick 4 panel screen area.

The new designed shale shaker is according to API standard of design procedure,GNPS70-3,GNPS85-3 all matched standard oilfield solids control mud tank.

shale shaker

shale shaker

API standard design procedure of shale shaker

1 Shale shakers skids shall be level.

2 Shakers shall be rigged with adequate space, walkways and handrails to permit easy and safe servicing.

3 if the shaker is equipped with a rear tank, the flow line shall enter the rear tank as near the bottom as possible.

4 A means of diverting fluid from the flow line is recommended to permit the disposal of cement, spotting fluids, contaminated fluids, etc, before these fluids reach the shale shaker. The procedure shall not be used to dump the rear tank into the sand trap before trips.

operation procedure of shale shaker

1 The screens shall be inspected every time circulation is interrupted.

2 Use the shaker screens with the smallest openings that do not cause excessive drilling fluid loss.

3 Under normal operating conditions and when using a single-deck shaker with multiple screens, all screens shall have the same API designation.

4 Torn or damaged screens shall be replaced or repaired promptly.

e.g.GNZS63-3 shale shaker use wedge technology, it is easy to change and install Brandt Cobra shaker screen.

GNZS83-3 shale shaker use tension bolts to install screens.

5 When using shaker screens that need tensioning, tension shall be checked 15 min to 30 min after installation and tourly thereafter.

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