GN Solids Control vertical drill cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge use for the Russian market

Vertical chip dryer and decanter centrifuge are the main equipment of drilling waste management system. They are used to dry drilling waste cuttings, and more drilling fluid can be recovered for recycling. By using drill cuttings dryer, the consumption of drilling fluid base fluid can be reduced. Then a large amount of dry cuttings discharged at the same time is easily transported.

Vertical cutting dryers are usually located next to the solid control system. The cuttings dryer is fed by a screw conveyor to process oil-based drilling cuttings. The basic processing capacity is 30-50 tons / hour. Drill cuttings discharged from the vibrating screen of the solid control system are mixed with drilling fluid. After being processed by the GN Solids Control vertical cuttings dryer, the cuttings oil content can be less than 5%.


Features of GN Solids Control

1. The main rotating parts are strictly tested for dynamic balance, and the equipment rotor and the screen basket are individually balanced to facilitate customer replacement.

2. The scrapers used are made of wear-resistant materials to adapt to strict working conditions and have a longer working life.

3. The high-pressure air knife can prevent the screen from clogging when processing high-viscosity materials, and flush it on the flushing system to avoid clogging the liquid channel.

4. Design oil lubrication system with pressure limit alarm.

5. The main motor and oil pump motor adopt interlocking design to ensure the correct start of the program.

6. Support the use of variable frequency speed control, the speed can be adjusted within the range of 0 ~ 900rpm.


The GN high-speed centrifuge in the waste cuttings system is then used to further purify the liquid phase discharged from the vertical cuttings dryer. The working speed of GN Solids Control high-speed centrifuge can be as high as 3200rpm, which can remove 2-5 micron solid particles in drilling fluid to restore the performance of drilling fluid and ensure the quality of work. GN Solids Control 14-inch decanter centrifuge is widely used in oilfield barite recovery and drill cuttings dewatering. GN Solids Control also has fixed speed and variable frequency models for customers to choose from. GN Solids Control centrifuge adopts duplex stainless steel and centrifugal casting technology, with stable quality, ensuring stable machine performance and long service life.

GN Solids Control can provide customized waste drilling cuttings management system solutions, such as for low temperature conditions, GN Solids Control provides customers with containerized design, and also has heat dissipation design for high temperature conditions. For more information, please feel free to contact us.